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3 Must-See Weird And Wonderful Sights In Scotland

If you adore getting your wanderlust kicks and you’re ready for a new adventure, why not take a trip up to bonnie Scotland?

If you fancy getting off the beaten track and exploring a more unique, kooky and odd side to a destination, then Scotland caters to your craving for all things
weird and wonderful in bucket loads!

The history and heritage of Scotland have led to many myths and legends forming about its people, landscape and buildings.

Take a look at these three must-see weird and wonderful sights in Scotland.

3 weird and wonderful sites in scotland

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye

If you have a yearning to get off the tourist trail and escape the crowds, you might want to consider taking a road trip to the Isle of Skye.

The Fairy Pools near Carbost are like something out of a picture book.

After a short and accessible hike through Glen Brittle, the turquoise azure waters of these mini pools will appear.

They look almost magical with the crystal clear and pristine waters looking out of place in the rugged Scottish countryside backdrop.

Legend has it that JRR Tolkien used these pools as inspiration for the creation of his mythical world for The Hobbit.

If you love the outdoors, the Fairy Pools are a beautiful sight to behold.

Burke And Hare Murder Dolls, Edinburgh

In the 1820s, Burke and Hare murdered lodgers in their dwelling to sell fresh corpses to the local anatomy school.

While morbid, you can view the seventeen effigies of these dead lodgers
at the National Museum of Scotland.

These effigy dolls were found in a park in miniature coffins by two children a decade after the grisly murders.

Some thought they were to do with voodoo or witchcraft, or some eccentric craft before experts finally concluded that they were effigies to Burke and Hare’s murder victims.

If you fancy viewing another gruesome connection to the tale, you can see a book bound in William Burke’s skin at the Surgeon Hall Museum in the city.

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Dog Suicide Bridge, Milton

If you are a pet lover, this might not be the ideal place for you to visit, but if you want to get your fill of all things bizarre, then make your way to Milton.

Here, you may stumble across a seemingly picturesque bridge overlooking lush countryside.

Like lemmings, dogs of all breeds have leapt to their untimely deaths from this spot. While odd, there may be an explanation.

The bridge is situated within a mink habitat. If these little creatures have marked the area with their scent, dogs will leap from the bridge in an attempt to hunt without knowing the height from which they are jumping.

If you’re taking your canine pal up there, be sure to keep him on a lead.

Scotland is full of the odd, kooky, bizarre, weird and wonderful. The next time you are looking for a more unique travel experience, consider heading north to sample the delights of Scotland.

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