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3 Ways Your Smartphone Can Be An Incredible Asset To You

You may be one of those people who feel that their smartphone is more of a vice than a help, all things considered.

Perhaps you find yourself spending a shocking number of your waking hours checking up on Facebook and Instagram, or idly surfing the web in bed, and watching all your free minutes fly away from you in the process.

Then again, maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t even use a smartphone, because you’re convinced that all you need the device to do is to
make calls and receive texts.

Whichever of these camps you fall into, however, you should know that your smartphone has the potential to be an incredible asset in your life, if only you use it in the right way.

So, if your phone has been acting up recently, contact a company dealing in phone repairs. If you don’t have a smartphone, begin setting aside some
money to buy one!

Here are some ways in which your smartphone can be an incredible asset to you.

3 ways your smartphone can be an incredible asset to you

By allowing you to track and plan your fitness routine

Fitness is something that many of us are more concerned with now than ever before, and rightly so, considering facts like the global obesity epidemic, and the sharp rise in cardiovascular disease in recent times.

But planning and sticking to a fitness routine, especially if you’re new to the whole practice isn’t always easy or straightforward.

Luckily, smartphones have a huge range of apps available that make planning and tracking your workouts a breeze, ranging from apps to track weightlifting routines, to all-purpose fitness apps like Fitbit Coach, and even health and nutrition tracking tools such as MyFitnessPal.

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By enabling you to capture notes on the go, anywhere, and sync between devices

Sometimes when you’re out and about, you’re likely to have certain ideas that pop into your head, which you feel are definitely worth preserving for later.

Unless you’re going to walk around with a paper and pen, and hastily scrawl your notes against the side of a building whenever they occur to you, however,
keeping track of everything isn’t likely to be too straightforward!

Luckily, your smartphone allows you to capture and store notes in virtually effortless fashion, either as notes on the phone’s native app, or as voice memos.

If you use an app such as Evernote, you can even have your notes sync between different devices automatically, so that what you record on your phone, in public, is available on your laptop when you return home.

By acting as your personal Filofax, calendar, and life organiser

Your smartphone can also, to a large extent, replace many of the classic organisational tools of yours, such as a Filofax and pocket calendar.

With the Google Calendar app — or any variety of other apps — you can keep your schedule to hand wherever you are.

Tools such as Nozbe or Remember the Milk also allow you to create effective daily checklists, and even manage all your projects, right from that little
device you’re holding in the palm of your hand.

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