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30 Things To Expect In Your 30’s

Turning thirty can be pretty scary for a lot of women.

Feeling middle aged at the grand old age of thirty isn’t uncommon. You may have regrets that life hasn’t gone the way you’ve liked it to, loss of confidence or feel like you’re running out of time.. does any of this sound like you?

Remain calm, times have changed babe! In general we are living longer, healthier lives due to improved healthcare, better ways of living, and of course all the access we have to health and nutritional aids and supplements.

Turning thirty now means – experienced, mature (when needed!) women who are still young enough to get away with keeping up with the latest looks and trends, hit the town with the girls, and exude confidence – yet also have a sophisticated maturity, experience and intelligence most of these younger women don’t yet have.

Turning Thirty

Believe it or not, I turned thirty at the end of June!

I do not feel thirty!

I probably have more in common with a twelve year old girl than a thirty year old woman, and I don’t plan on changing for anyone!

I still look very young, people think I’m anything from a young teen to a woman in her mid twenties! It used to bother me a lot, but the older I’ve got the more I see it as a compliment!

At thirty, society probably says I’m too old to enjoy Disney things, sparkly, pretty or fluffy things. That I should drop my colouring book and start dressing my age.

Well, I say no! You do you!!

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for the things you enjoy, if you’re not hurting anyone or making anybody feel bad then f**k people’s opinions!!

Feeling Fabulous

To celebrate feeling fabulous at thirty, I decided to have a DIY photoshoot! Thanks to Steven (the bf) for being my photographer!

Also a huge shoutout to candleandcake, who helped me celebrate my birthday in style with their awesome props and pieces from their online shop.

They have such a huge range available that I was lost for choice! (They actually have the largest selection of party brands in the UK!) From baby showers to weddings, they have party supplies to suit pretty much every occasion.

I ordered:

  • some confetti
  • a shimmery photo background
  • a giant purple balloon
  • some mini balloons
  • giant 3 and 0 balloons!

UK next day delivery too is also amazing for those spontaneous celebrations! (I’m looking at you, forgetful men!)

One of my DIY photoshoot prints!
These balloons are almost as big as I am!

Thank you Candle and Cake, your products were exactly what I was looking for!

What To Expect In Your Thirties

So what can we expect in our thirties?

Is it really that much different to your twenties?

I’ve curated a list of thirty things you may experience in your thirties.. and hopefully you won’t find it so scary after all!

1. Keep Up With Fashion

In our thirties we’re still young enough to enjoy fashion trends and pull off risky little numbers! I’ve been thirty for a few weeks now and haven’t yet found myself drawn to knitted cardigans or nude stockings.

Dressing up in gorgeous clothes can really help our confidence too. I guarantee you will still look and feel absolutely beautiful, so flaunt it while you have it!

2. Play With Make up

No, our skin isn’t quite as plump as it was, lines are starting to show up here and there, but we can still enjoy and wear makeup and look bloody fantastic when we do!

It’s all about what works well for you. Remember the golden rule of less is more, heavy makeup can collect in our fine lines and make them look worse, or focus attention to unwanted areas.

3. Try New Hair styles

At thirty I haven’t encountered any grey hairs yet luckily, and if you have.. well grey/silver hair is in style now!

Get down to the salon and have a chat with your hairdresser to discuss what would look great for you.

A new style can help knock off a couple of years to your looks, and your confidence levels will rise!

4. Days out

Big days out with lots of walking is just as easy as it’s always been. Don’t start researching zimmer frames just yet!

Our thirties are a great time to explore and learn! Things that would never have interested us are now suddenly a great idea for a family outing. You know.. I’ve lived in Edinburgh for fourteen years and I’ve never visited Edinburgh Castle!

5. Nights out

Don’t feel ridiculous going out with the girls/guys, be thankful you’re no longer one of the immature people dancing on the bar to get attention!

You’re older now, you’re a sophisticated lady and can handle a drink. You know your limits and you have no desire to make a fool out of yourself!

6. Home time

Your favourite place in the world will probably become your own home.

Security, surrounded by your family, peace and little comforts such as pyjamas, slippers and a cup of tea.. bring it on!

7. Becoming Sensible

You will find yourself making more responsible decisions as you know now there’s a lot more to life than owning the latest handbag or designer shoes. Rent and other bills now come first over shopping sprees or nights out.

You start to put a lot more thought into all of your decisions as you have goals to reach!

8. Goodbye Toxic people

Hopefully by thirty you’ve taken the steps to learn about and remove toxic people from your life. Don’t feel bad about it, you don’t need backstabbers and drama obsessed people in your life holding you back.

The weight off of your shoulders will be incredible. You don’t need to keep anyone in your life who brings you nothing but hurt and negativity.

9. Hit the gym


Your thirties are a great time to get yourself a gym membership if you haven’t done so already.

After attending the gym regularly, you’ll find yourself having more energy and feeling more nimble than you did in your twenties!

10. Walks in nature

If the thought of going to the gym scares you more than turning thirty, you may consider at home workouts or even regular walks through beautiful nature.

A walk in the woods is great for your mind and body, furry friends will definitely upvote this idea too!

Sometimes we need to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life to connect with ourselves, and a walk through nature is a great way to achieve this.

11. Have fun with kids

You may not have children yet, but if you do or plan on starting soon then use this as an opportunity to get back in touch with your inner child.

Get covered in paint, splash in puddles and run around playing ball! Don’t let your kids miss out on fun times with you because you feel too old or too silly, these will be their favourite memories of you!

12. Have fun with spouse

If you’re in a relationship it’s important to keep the spark alive, which can be pretty hard to do if you’ve been together a while or aren’t feeling too confident about yourself at the ripe old age of thirty something!

Sit down with your partner and talk about starting new adventures together.

Day trips, date nights, starting a new series together or even sharing a meal are great ways to start rekindling your connection if you’ve began to drift apart.

13. Date

At thirty you’ve experienced your fair share of losers and now you know what you want!

You have an exact list of what you’re looking for in a partner and you have no time for anything less! Move aside f**kboys!

14. Pamper yourself

You may find that your favourite person to be around is actually yourself! After all, who’s going to take care of you and love you more than you can?!

Take the time now and then to show your body some love, whether it’s a long soak in the bath or splashing out on a new moisturiser, you will feel great for it and you definitely deserve it!

15. Goals To Achieve

Don’t feel defeated that you haven’t achieved what you’d hoped in life yet, there’s no better time than now to create a fresh page and start again. Hell, I have fresh years, months, weeks and days!

Write a list of your goals and break them down into manageable chunks and then make a step by step list of what you need to do to achieve each goal.

16. Treat yourself

You’re a hard working woman, you’ve had a tough thirty years and you deserve to treat yourself! Spending £50 on a mini shopping spree sounds much more exciting than spending £50 on a drunken night out with nothing to show for it but a sore head.

17. Learn

You may find yourself wanting to learn and grow. Maybe you slacked off in school, have regrets and wish you could go back in time. Maybe you want to improve the skills you already have, or you maybe even want to work towards reaching the top of your career ladder.

Either way, by thirty you will probably be yearning for some learning, the good news is – its never too late to learn!

18. Holidays

Holidays are no longer about meeting up with friends, crawling different bars and nursing hangovers on the beach.

Now you’re older you find you actually want to explore these new places and cultures, experience the cuisines, relax and make great memories with your family.

19. Eat healthy

After years of neglecting yourself and devouring all sorts of fast foods and sweet things, you may find yourself being a lot more responsible with your food choices.

Personally i’ve found myself taking daily vitamins and making protein smoothies, and I’ve always loved veg! I can’t wait for the cooler weather to kick in so I can make some nice warming home cooked vegetable dishes!

20. Embrace your youth

Turning thirty will be a wake up call for many.

Time is ticking by, but in our thirties we’re still young enough to take back control and steer life the way we want it to.

Some may take this as a chance to do things they’ve always wanted to do before it really is too late, skydiving, travelling the world or whatever it may be. This is your last chance to make some huge decisions!

21. Get Organised

You want order and control in your life and all of your junk isn’t helping!

You may find yourself having a huge purge of stuff that’s cluttering up your breathing space.

I’m working my way around each room and having a clear out of every drawer, cupboard and surface (don’t get me wrong this can sometimes be one drawer per day!) but progress is progress!

22. Save Money

Again with wanting to take order and control in your life you will probably start a savings fund if you haven’t done so already.

If you’re anything like me you will have savings for everything! I save 10% of my wages, have a £2 coin jar, a spare change jar, a christmas fund and more!

23. Reading

I loved reading from a little girl to a late teen. Since having a child I stopped reading as much, smartphones and netflix got invented and reading seemed a chore.

The last year or so I’ve really got back into reading and love nothing more than getting cosy with a hot drink and a book.

24. Working hard

Who would have seen the day when you gave up your weekends to willingly do overtime?! The older, more responsible you will probably jump at the chance for extra pennies to go towards your family and life goals.

25. New values

Your priority list probably looks a lot different than a few years back. You love your friends.. but you and your family come first now.

Groceries come before new clothes, bills before holidays, sick children before sleep, cleaning up before rest and much more!

26. Relax

New favourite hobby? Relaxing!

Baths, pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers are my best friend. You should take every opportunity you can to relax, its so easy to go into overdrive when everything isn’t perfect.

Try an app like Calm or Headspace and try some their short meditations. They can be a huge breath of fresh air when you’re feeling overworked and tense.

27. Respected

You’re now looked upon as someone mature and responsible (omg).

People finally speak to you like an adult and take your opinions into consideration. Others may come to you for your opinion or advice which will help your confidence soar, everybody loves to help others.

28. Settle down

Its been a crazy three decades and you’re craving for peace.

Goodbye drama.

Goodbye false friends.

Goodbye one night stands.

Goodbye parties.

Goodbye being selfish.

At thirty, by now all you probably want in life is a nice home, a secure job and loving family or something very similar.

29. Wiser

Think of our twenties as a practice for becoming a proper grown up.

We’ve made our mistakes, learned and grown, and chances are we are a lot different to the person we were ten years ago!

Ten years ago I was unemployed, renting a dingy little room and was in an abusive relationship, and I now rent my own home, have a handsome and intelligent eleven year old son, lots of pets, run a business and work part time, i’m studying for an HND in Advanced Personal Beauty and have a partner who makes me feel like a princess!

30. Don’t panic

Remember it’s not over yet, there is so much more to come!

Our 30s are going to be one of the greatest times of our lives, the years that we can truly appreciate remember.

So ladies, please stop freaking out about turning thirty!

Take care of yourself, love yourself, and this will reflect on the outside and the inside.

Are you thirty yet? How are you feeling compared to the person you were ten years ago? Do you have any changes you need to start making to your life?


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Disclaimer: This post contains products which I was sent for free in exchange for a review. This does not affect my opinion of the products, I always leave an honest review.

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