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4 Things That You Should Never Leave Up To Your Wedding Planner

Marriage is expensive, time-consuming and ultimately life-changing. As such, the last thing you’d want is to ruin your wedding day, but how can you make sure that it’s a success?

Easy; by taking control over certain aspects of the planning.

Even if you’ve hired a wedding planner, there will always be a couple of things that you should control yourself instead of leaving up to the wedding planner.

So if you’re planning on getting married soon because you’ve had a wonderful relationship, then here are a few wedding planning considerations that you should always have a say in.

decorative floral letters on wedding table pink and white

1. The Wedding Invitations

When sending out wedding invites it’s important that you speak to your wedding planner and have the designs change depending on your personal requirements or even needs.

wedding postcards with decorative pink flower laid next to them

For instance, if you want certain colours to appear then make sure you let your wedding planner know well beforehand.

2. The Food That You Serve

The food at a wedding is always an important consideration to keep in mind.

You want to work with the venue that you’re hosting your party in and speak to them regarding the cuisine they cook.

Of course, ideally, you’d want to hire a cook first before you decide to pick a venue, unless the location you’ve chosen doesn’t allow external chefs.

wedding meal and bride place card

The type of food you serve will always be in the minds of people that attend your wedding, so discuss with your wedding planner regarding what type of food should be available.

Don’t forget that there will likely be vegans or vegetarians so you’ll need to make extra meals too to suit their needs.

3. The Entertainment That’s On Show

The type of entertainment that you show people will have a huge impact on their enjoyment!

Some people prefer to add do-it-yourself entertainment like photo booths with silly props, but others like to add group entertainment such as group dancing.

two girls using props in a photo booth

There are many types of wedding entertainment but it’s important to try and appeal to the demographic and age group of your guests to make it more enjoyable.

You also want to keep in mind the age groups. Some young children would probably prefer fun and games, while seniors would appreciate something a little slower paced.

4. The Wedding Attire

Lastly, don’t forget that your wedding attire can be completely personalized to your liking.

In fact, you don’t even need to stick with the typical suit and wedding dress!

bride and groom wearing converse shoes

If you wanted to, you could completely blow that out of the water and try something more casual and laid-back, especially if you and your partner are known for doing something quirky and unique!

The guest attire could also change too if you want people to feel more relaxed in their casual clothes instead of turning up in a suit.

Final Words

It’s understandable that you want someone skilled and experienced to help you plan your wedding, but I believe that it’s important that you have your own say at certain points to ensure that your wedding is special to you and your partner.

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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