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4 Treatments For Chronic Pain You Probably Haven’t Tried

Chronic pain has become a very common health issue. Indeed, according to the latest statistics roughly one in four people in America suffer from some form of chronic pain. That is, they experience pain that continues for more than 24 hours. Of course, for some people chronic pain can be constant and could last your entire life with no breaks at all.

One of the most common form of chronic pain is RSI which has actually become one of the typical injuries in the workplace today. RSI gives patients pain in their upper limbs that eventually becomes permanent. It’s caused by typing with a bad posture often for hours on end without breaks.

Since chronic pain is so prevalent it is worth looking at different ways to deal with the issue.


Have you heard of CBD oil?

This new form of medicine made from natural herbs is becoming incredibly popular on the market. That’s because researchers keep discovering more and more uses for it.

One, as you might have guessed, is a pain treatment solution. The benefit of CBD oil is that unlike morphine it isn’t addictive but it is as powerful as this type of med.

Some people who have purchased the product from a CBD shop have reported startling impacts where their pain has faded almost completely. CBD is still being researched which means it’s not a tried and tested solution just yet, but the results are promising.


Is it all in your head?

Honestly, probably not. In the past, doctors believed Fibromyalgia, a common type of chronic pain was purely psychological. Today, they believe that it does in fact have an actual cause.

Does that mean that we can’t treat it through psychological means? Of course not and researchers have found this to be incredibly effective.

Retraining therapy is about retraining the mind to see pain as a subconscious thought rather than something that needs to be felt or experienced. This type of therapy can take years to have an effect but once you do, it will change your life completely.

Aqua Therapy

Have you ever wondered why jumping in the bath soothes your muscles, joints and bones?

Scientists do too and while the full answer remains unclear, it seems as though there is a benefit from taking a soak when you’re in pain. You can then take things one step further and also dive into a pool too.

Aqua therapy has long been held as one of the best treatment options for those suffering from severe levels of chronic pain. Particularly, if you want to make sure that you do get some form of relief.


Finally, you may want to consider meditation. Similar to retraining therapy, many people find that meditation helps them gain control of the mind and allows them to understand the cause or root of the pain they feel.

Researchers generally agree that there is a connection between physical and mental pain. Meditations help individuals understand that connection and control it to suit their own purposes. Similar to retraining therapy though, it can be years before you see results.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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