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5 Amazing Medical Innovations That Are Changing The World

Every single day, there are medical professionals and scientists working hard to save lives and develop new ways of enhancing and elongating our lives. They combine medical knowledge with innovation to create miracles – well, not far off, anyway!

Saving lives is one thing, but medicine and science have been evolving at a rate at which we can barely keep up, and some of the innovations are allowing for better patient care, while others are literally changing our make up as we know it.

As the industry continues to change, what was once a medical breakthrough is now a general surgery without much excitement. That’s okay though, because while old medical breakthroughs are now our commonplace procedures, we have newbies stepping up to the plate with innovative ideas to continue the medical industry and advance our health in ways that we never thought possible.

Let’s take a look at five medical innovations that have changed the world.

AR (Augmented Reality).

You’ve heard of Pokemon Go, right? People spent time chasing digitally enhanced characters by using their maps and smartphones. It doesn’t just end with Pikachu, though, because medicine is adopting augmented reality, too. It blends the information from MRI scans and CT scans to make it possible for the great medical minds out there to see below the skin and visualize the magic beneath – without operating.

Bionic Eyes.

It’s not all comic books when bionic eyes are real and can be used in the real world. The Argus II takes signals from a camera, built into sunglasses and wirelessly sends that information to implants in the retinas of those who have lost their vision. Making the blind see? That’s innovation.

Genome Mapping.

There has been a lot of leaps that have led to doctors being able to map genes of their patients to pinpoint hiccups in their DNA and genetic makeup. Products such as ChIP-Seq have been developed to further medical research with DNA. This information can help us to find cures for diseases that are currently flourishing – and we have the technology to help.

Magic Wheelchairs.

Well, wheelchairs that are mind-controlled are basically magic, right? Professor X would be proud – if he were real – because researchers have developed wheelchairs that work in tandem with a cap on the patient’s head. It can understand simple stop and go instructions to help patients – particularly paraplegics – move easily.

Cancer-Fighting Nanoparticles.

Given the fight against cancer that our bright medical minds are in every single day, scientists are working hard to create sub-microscopic delivery vessels – the width of a ten thousandth of a hair – to be injected into tumours. These then fight the cancer cells to destroy them completely, or make them sensitive to treatment.
Medicine is changing daily with the help of technology. If we could do more to ensure that technology is advancing and eradicating diseases, then we should. The world is changing and we could help to save it with every new development we create.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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