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5 Essentials For Creating A Home Spa!

A day at a spa leaves you refreshed and revitalised, ready to face the world and it’s challenges again! What a shame that feeling can’t be bottled, it would surely be a bestseller.

If finances are not an issue in your life you could go to the spa on a weekly basis, but if you are one of the majority of the population this would be financially impossible.

However, don’t despair as it is possible to create a “spa-like” experience in your very own bathroom! If your bathroom requires a little TLC to get it up to spa standard the following guide will help.

Make sure everything is sparkly clean otherwise instead of relaxing you will be compiling a “to do” list!

Often tiles are a major source of grubbiness, you may wish to retile or regrout to achieve the desired effect. Black Tile Trim will seal your tiles, protect from water damage and give a professional, clean look.

5 essentials for creating a home spa


A whirlpool bath would be the ideal scenario, however if this is out of your budget you could consider purchasing a whirlpool bath mat for a similar effect.

white oval bath filled with water, with a candle, towel and bath bomb draped over

Whirlpool baths provide a full body massage with gentle jets of water, which literally melt away the stresses and strains of the day.

Add a few scented candles and dip the lights for the greatest effect in your home spa.

Soft fluffy towels

When you emerge from your lovely whirlpool bath there is nothing more comforting than a thick, warm and luxurious towel. Last years beach towel just won’t have the same effect!

a pile of folded towels on a table with tea lights lit

Consider purchasing towels specifically for your home spa experience.

A robe and slippers will add to the effect.

A heated towel rail would also be a useful addition to your bathroom.

Underfloor heating

light wood laminate flooring

Underfloor heating adds a touch of luxury and most high end spas have it. The heat gently rises from the floor meaning that you never suffer from chilly feet!

This form of heating can be cost effective too.

Subtle music and lighting

Relaxing music is a must during a home spa experience.

Invest in a safe way of playing your music (not the closest plug socket)!

a selection of candles

Subtle lighting is also required to evoke a relaxed state. Save harsh bright lighting for the kids bathtime or when applying makeup.

Dimmer switches would be a good investment. Candles will add a lovely atmospheric effect.


There are so many benefits to using aromatherapy in the form of essential oils. Every essential oil has a powerful effect on the body.

a photo of a ladies hands holding a bottle of essential oil and rubbing the oil into her wrist

There are aromatherapy oils for relaxation such as lavender and oils for revitalising such as lemon.

Be careful and be wary of the power of essential oils, take advice on dilution levels or consider purchasing ready diluted oils.

There is a lot of advice online regarding the use of essential oils or consider visiting your local aromatherapist for advice.

Hopefully by following the above guide your bathroom has the potential to be more “spa-like”, all you need now is enough spare time in the day to use it!

5 essentials for creating a home spa

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