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5 Super Cute Ways To Display Your Letter Board For Valentines *

Yay! Look what I have! The lovely team at GingerSnap have given me this super cute letter board to review!

Pink felt letter board

For ages I’ve had my eye on a light board, especially since I’ve purchased my new office equipment I’ve been on the hunt for some stylish decorations to make my desk area look beautiful!

That was until I discovered letter boards!

I had no idea letter boards existed until a few weeks ago, I kept seeing them on Pinterest and wanted one immediately! There is so much more personalisation available and they look so cute!

They come with over 300 letters and symbols and there’s plenty of space for what you want to say.

The boards come in a range of colours such as black, green, orange, grey and tons more (no purple unfortunately) and also has a handy hanging hook on the back if you wish to display on the wall.

I could probably think of about 20 ways to use my letterboard, but since Valentines Day is on its way I’ve put together some sweet ideas the letter board can be used.

Letter Board Valentines Idea 1

Mrs Potts chip tea cup pink letter board

Romantic Quotes

How sweet! Letter boards are perfect for displaying favourite quotes.

Quotes displayed on the board look very eye catching and can be personalized for every mood or occasion. I love my little Beauty and The Beast corner!

Letter Board Valentines Idea 2

Personalized Names
I love this idea!

I had a go with mine and my fiances name and its so cute! This could also include surnames, locations and childrens and pets names for a lovely family display.

Letter Board Valentines Idea 3

Valentines day letter board

Date Plan

Goals. Imagine walking in from work and seeing this little display left waiting for you *heart melts*

Such a simple idea which has a huge impact.

Letter Board Valentines Idea 4

Letter board tarot cards

Love Notes

I love leaving little messages lying around. We have a whiteboard in our hallway and we all write little notes about how much we love each other on it (how cute are we?!)

As cute as we are, I think this would look a lot neater than our scribbly whiteboard!

Letter Board Valentines Idea 5

Teddy bear letter board

Cheeky Messages

If you and your partner aren’t the romance type.. then why not get a little cheeky with your board?!

Even rude words seem look beautiful on this board!

I am so happy with my letter board, and I’m sure it will be popping up a lot in my photos in the future!

If you don’t have a letter board yet I highly recommend you head over to GingerSnap and have a browse!

GingerSnap have so many more items available on their website, and the cutest neon lamps!

Gingersnap neon lamps
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What will you use your letter board for? Thanks for reading and I hope you had as much fun reading as I did playing with my board!

Best wishes,

Luna Violeta

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for a review. The fact I received this for free does not influence my opinion on the product. I only review products I am genuinely interested in or feel would fit my blogs topics.

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