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7 Super Ideas For Stocking Fillers This Christmas

Looking for small gifts to give to people that aren’t entirely meaningless?

Here are a few small gift ideas for all different ages that could be great as stocking fillers.

7 christmas stocking gift ideas

Wireless speakers

Wireless speakers can be a great gift for music lovers. Nowadays there are plenty of compact and cheap models on the market such as the Bush small wireless speaker.

wireless speaker next to laptop

Such speakers are usually compatible with all devices and can be found in a range of colours so that you can personalise them to the person you’re buying for.

Personalised phone case

On the topic of personalised gifts, why not buy a personalised phone case?

You could have your own bespoke graphic design, have a message etched in or get a photo printed on the case.

coloured phone cases

Travel board games

Board games ranging from Trivial Pursuit to Monopoly are now available as small pocket-size versions.

These can make great Christmas gifts given that this is the most popular time for board times. Such travel board games are also likely to be cheaper than the full-size version.

Craft beer

shelves of bottles of beer

If you’re looking for a dad or grandad-aimed stocking filler gift ideas, a bottle of craft beer could do just the trick. This could be a Christmas-themed craft beer or a bottle with a wacky name that you came across.

There are so many craft beer breweries out there all with unusual names that you’re certain to find one related to a private joke.

Novelty chocolate

Almost everyone loves receiving chocolate for Christmas. Whilst you could always settle for a generic selection box, it could be worth adding a little more novelty to make your gift a bit more memorable and meaningful.

Consider shopping at specialist chocolatiers and searching for unusual chocolates online.

Luxury bath oil

revolution golden dip bath bomb and revolution pink twizzle bath bomb

Many people end up getting basic body soap for Christmas. Take things up a gear by opting for a luxury bath oil instead.

These could be great for mums or partners who love a relaxing bath at the end of the day. On top of bath oils you could also consider luxury soaps and bath bombs for similarly creating some nice relaxing aromas.


When it comes to kids’ stockings, it could be worth packing some batteries.

These may not be the most exciting stocking filler gift ideas in the world, but they are practical, especially given that many kids toys come with ‘batteries not included’.

7 christmas stocking gift ideas

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