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7 Types Of People To Stay Away From

During our lives, we will meet people who will bring every shade of colour into our life.

Some people can bring the brightest of colours – we feel light, happy and uplifted while being around them. Meanwhile others can bring us the darkest of colours – we feel low, miserable and incredibly down.

You can learn to live happily only when you learn the true colours of certain people.

If you want to lead a happy life and have positive vibes around you, then you need to consider the types of people you spend your time with.

Of course there are two-faced people out there unfortunately, who smile sweetly while trying to destroy your life as much as they can.

It’s time to say goodbye to these 7 types of people.

1. Those Who Gossip About Others

These types of people don’t spare anyone in their lives. One day they’ll be gossiping about somebody to you, and the next be gossiping to that same person about you!

Research says that these types of people aren’t satisfied with their own life, and usually try to fill the empty void in their lives by gossiping.

Is this something you really want to be a part of?

2. Those Who Try To Play The Victim

It may be tough, but you need to try to stay away from people and their problems.

I don’t mean be rude and not help people in need! But please understand that helping is fine until it starts to affect your own happiness.

These types of people are completely miserable with their own lives and do nothing but talk about how miserable life is.

Avoid getting sucked in and convinced by their thoughts.

3. Arrogant People

It’s fine to be happy and celebrate your successes, but letting it go to your head all the time is something you should watch for.

Some people can be so arrogant and egotistical that they never miss a chance to put down or belittle others for no reason.

Doing this makes them feel even better about themselves!.. I’m sure you will agree this is a sad existence!

I suggest keeping away from people like this and just letting them carry on in their little bubble.

4. Bullies

Unfortunately, bullies walk freely among us and pick on innocent people.

They seem to find it powerful to humiliate and even hurt people who have done absolutely nothing wrong to them.

Again, stay away from these people, don’t interact with them. If you are concerned then report the matter to the relevant authority.

5. Negative People

I’m talking about those who have more of a pessimistic mindset. Those who never miss the opportunity to fill your life with negativity. For these types of people, every single thing is next to impossible and has no way it can be worked out.

Being around these types of people can actually make you a more negative person too!

6. The Money Lenders

Despite having a bank account filled with money, these people try their best to live their life off of others money.

Learn to say no and realise that these people are taking advantage of you, taking your hard earned money when they have their own to spend.

7. The Quarrelsome

These people will hurt you, threaten you or even abuse you. They need to have the last word for everything!

Do you really want to be around a person who would pretty much die to have the last word in an argument – even if it makes absolutely no sense?!

Life can offer us all kinds of people, both friendly and toxic.

Be wise about keeping them in your lives or not!


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  • Cherishingflo

    2-5 is probably some of my BIGGEST pet peeves anyhow. I recently had someone who I had been extremely close to for 5 years and had to cut him off because I couldn’t deal with the negativity and CONSTANT self victimizing. Arrogance is probably my biggest turn off from anyone. It down right infuriates me and I find myself asking people who they think they are which makes me feel like a b**** and I hate that so I try to just stay away from them. Love this list because the accuracy is on point!

    • Lunavioletaa

      Im glad you enjoyed this honey and im sorry to hear about your past traumas. I hope you’re in a happier place and thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts 😊

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