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9 Signs Your Relationship is Lovin’ for the Long Haul

You scroll through Facebook and cringe at the gushy, over the top posts from so-called ‘happy’ couples. How do people have time to document their entire relationship? Don’t they have a life to live?

The truth is, you have finally found a happy relationship with yourself and you think your man might just be the one too.

You’ve settled in the happiest place you have been in a long time and that means WAY more than a soppy Facebook status.

You have endured toxic relationships in the past; you have experienced things you never want to revisit again.

Even though you are truly content with your other half, your mind still doubts whether this is the real deal or not. You can’t help it that your past triggers insecurities you haven’t quite shaken off yet.

Before you start overthinking things, you need to ask yourself some questions to see if you are truly in a happy, committed, long term relationship.

Here are nine signs that you really are in it for the long haul.

1. The Perfect Proposal

Okay, let’s start with the obvious one. If your other half talks openly to you about marriage and sees a future with you then your relationship is definitely looking good.

A lot of couples are too worried to discuss serious topics like this and others already have their perfect wedding invitations picked out.

It’s good to have a healthy balance between the two, so you know you’re not wasting your time.

Also, if he does pop the question, you know it’ll be an easy ride when you come to make wedding decisions such as invitations, cake flavours, venues and guest lists because you will have already discussed it all!

2. Trustworthy Companion

You can talk about marriage all you like, but what really matters is the deeper feelings and meanings behind your relationship.

It’s all about what you feel, not what you talk about.

Don’t be blinded by the idea of a perfect fairy tale marriage with a happy ending. Make sure you are fully content and getting everything out of the relationship that you need.

Trust is one of the most important traits of a long term relationship; you should both be able to go out separately with your friends and feel completely secure with what the other person is doing.

If you don’t trust them when they’re alone, you’re probably not with the right person.

3. Honesty is Unquestionable

Everyone tells their partner the occasional white lie to protect their feelings, but if you catch them lying about something significant you need to reassess your relationship.

Don’t be blinded by their charm or good looks, make sure they are always honest with you from the start and make it clear that you won’t be sticking around if it happens again.

4. Lovely Loyalty

Being in a loving partnership is all about having each other’s backs no matter what. If they don’t stand up for you then you need to ask them why they aren’t being loyal to you.

If they are constantly trying to pick a battle with you then you really don’t need that in your life.

You should always feel like a team, not like you’re playing a game against each other.

5. The Friendship Circle

Often when people get into a serious relationship they tend to neglect their friends.

Make sure you are balancing your time between your partner and your friendship group.

If your other half stops you from seeing your friends or he doesn’t get on with them, you might want to express your feelings to them.

Make it clear that your friends are important to you and it would really mean a lot if they could get along with them.

6. Family Ties

It is so important that your boyfriend makes the effort with your family. It will be a good indication of how they will treat you in the future if you do have a family together.

Your parents will always be the best judge of character too, so make sure you take their advice on board.

7. Random Acts of Kindness

Romance should never be dead, especially when you’re in a long term relationship.

Make sure you and him always try to make that extra effort to be kind, romantic and spontaneous.

Even if it’s a red rose when you’re out for a walk or a surprise bar of chocolate when he fills up his car with gas, every little touch will contribute to a long lasting and healthy relationship.

8. Cool Confidence Levels

If you are in a solid relationship you should feel more confident than ever, however if you rely on your partner to make you feel good then you need learn how to feel confident on your own.

Don’t become too dependent on your other half for happiness; make sure you are fully happy with yourself before you make a commitment to them.

9. An Amazing Addition

Overall, your other half should be an amazing addition to your life.

They should bring positive elements to your life and they should balance out any of your flaws.

You could be completely different, but if you have the correct dynamic then you will be destined for happiness for a long time.

If you’re lucky enough to have all of these amazing traits within your relationship then you can be sure he is a keeper!

Whatever you do, don’t compare your relationship to anybody else’s; there is no right or wrong way to handle certain situations.

Anything tricky that falls in front of you should be dealt with in private and off Facebook! Don’t be that couple who air all of their problems online and then wonder why people aren’t fully supportive of your relationship.

Every couple is different, so it is important to remain within your little relationship bubble unless you’re looking for serious advice.

At the same time, if you are feeling unhappy or your other half is bringing you down, have the strength to let go.

You are worth so much more than that, so always be strong whatever your relationship status.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  • CherishingFlo

    I absolutely love this and I applied it to my current relationship and I truly feel like we are in it for the Long Haul… even though I already knew that cause that Boy is my baybay lol

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