I created Luna Violeta mainly to share my reviews of the lovely products that get sent to me. I also share information I feel could be interesting, helpful or useful and I also post about the things I love!

On my blog you’ll find topics about..

  • animals (especially cats!)
  • stationery and notebooks
  • candles
  • the colour purple
  • fluffy, cosy blankets and pillows
  • beauty products
  • hair products
  • jewellery and accessories
  • fashion
  • technology
  • the universe
  • reading
  • photography and photo editing
  • food
  • the moon
  • blogging
  • nature and walks in nature
  • drawing and crafts
  • coffee
  • bubble baths
  • odd socks
  • and clothes shopping!

A little about me

I live in Edinburgh with my husband, preteen boy (arghhh!!) and our pets (2 dogs, 1 cat and some fish)

I’m an introvert which means I love my own company! My favourite place to be is at home with my family. I love to read, clean (I am the original Mrs Hinch), watch TV shows, draw, write, discover new music, shopping!! (for cleaning supplies and beauty products), photography and pampering myself.

Honestly I’m not a very interesting but thank you for taking the time to read. You can connect with me on any of my socials that are listed!

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