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Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer Review *

So last week I was asked to review the Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer before it’s release date.

It arrived on Saturday and I have held back all weekend from opening it up and sneaking a peek!

How gorgeous does that look?!

The box boasts that it’s their next generation dryer for ultimate styling,

  • Unique 3D Airflow for optimised styling results
  • Shine enhancing conditioning eliminates frizz and enhances natural shine
  • Lightweight and balanced for maximum comfort and control

How Does It Look And Feel?

After removing the card sleeve covering, the handy and stylish storage case is revealed.

Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer review
The Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer Storage Case.

I’m not sure what the storage case material is made from, but it’s lightly padded and feels very smooth, soft and wipeable for any small spills.

Blog Update: After a few uses of the Remington Air 3D Hair Dryer and Storage Case I feel some sort of handle on this case is a must!! It is quite awkward to pick up and transport around with no handle.

Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer review
First glance at the Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer

I removed the hair dryer and found that it had a lightweight feel and a comfortable grip. Underneath the packaging I also found a small heat pad!

Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer review
Stylish and sleek, the Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer.

I know that the big attachment is a diffuser, that’s for curls and volume. And the two narrow attachments are pretty much identical, apart from one of them is slightly thinner than the other

According to the user manual one of the attachments is 11mm and the other is 7mm. The 11mm attachment is for faster drying, and the 7mm is for precision styling. The manual also includes basic usage instructions and a few styling tips.

Each attachment has a good sized plastic tubing at the back which you just simply push into the front of the hair dryer with ease.

Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer review
The Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer wearing it’s diffuser.

The attachments felt secure on the hair dryer and were also able to be removed easily enough when switching them over.

On the handle of the hair dryer there are three buttons/switches.

Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer review
A closer look at the switches on the Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer.

The large button at the top is the cool shot button, basically it blasts cool air. The next button down is the heat switch setting, and the button at the very bottom is the speed setting switch.

The Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer also has a 3 metre length power cord and a handy hanging hook placed at the bottom of the handle.

So now we’ve examined the Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer, let’s find out how it performs.

The Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer Performance

So I proceeded to wash my hair. I made sure to use my usual products and gave my hair a good towel dry before I got started and added a little heat protection spray.

I switched on the plug and…

had unknowingly set the hair dryer to max speed and nearly jumped through the ceiling!

Great, so it has good power in it at least!

It was then that I noticed the pretty white light at the front of the hair dryer, this also changed to blue when I pressed the cool shot button, very impressive! But this was short lived as when I attached the diffuser it was covered up, that’s not so good.

Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer review
The lights on the front of the Remington Air 3D Hair Dryer. First photo is light off, the second photo is the white light and the third photo is of the cool shot blue light.
I have also uploaded a video of the lights in action, click here to check it out.

I continued to dry and style my hair with the diffuser, following Remingtons tips of turning my head upside down and using a scrunching and twisting motion with the dryer.

The Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer Results

Once I had finished drying and styling my hair, it was big, fluffy and feeling dry and rough at the ends.

I looked like I had had some kind of electric shock! This was confirmed when my son saw me he stated “uhh.. mum.. I think you may be turning into crazy cat lady, have you seen your hair?!”

Thanks for that, darling child of mine ♡

So this was my results with the diffuser, I haven’t tried any of the other attachments on myself yet.

PLEASE READ!!!! Blog Update: I have now tried out the quick dry and precision styling attachments and…

I am IN LOVE!!!!

Both of these attachments leave my hair almost straight!!! My hair is naturally thick curls! I can only imagine what this dryer would do for someone with wavy or straight hair.

It literally took me 20 minutes to straighten my hair with my Remington Pearl Hair Straighteners afterwards, this would normally take me 1 hour 30 minutes!

My hair was left SO shiny and straighter than it’s ever been. These two attachments are my hairs new best friend!!

The Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer Overall Performance:

The precision styling attachment and the fast dry attachment are absolutely amazing, my hair has never looked so sleek after a blow dry, I have always avoided hair drying in the past as they all just leave my hair 5x the size and frizzy!

But now with the Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer I am able to regularly blow dry my hair and straighten it in less than 30 minutes! And my hair looks better than it ever has too! Hell yeah!!

Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer review

I really enjoyed reviewing the Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer and I can’t wait until I have a new product to review!
This has been my first ever review and I really hope you enjoyed it! I’d just like to remind you that reviews will always be my honest opinions.

If you have any comments or questions or just want to connect, you can contact me at..





Thanks for reading and please get in touch if you’d like to discuss!

Best wishes

Luna violeta

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This page contains affiliate links to other products. This review reflects my own personal opinion of the Remington Air 3D Hair Dryer. At the time of writing, the Remington AIR 3D Hair Dryer is available at £199.99 from Argos.


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