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Are You Advertising Your Home To Burglars?

Most burglaries are carefully planned out – thieves tend to choose targets that are most vulnerable.

Many of us advertise our home to burglars without realising.

Here are just a few ways in which you can make your home less of an easy target and help to deter these criminals, keeping your possessions safe.

Draw the curtains

Are passers by able to stare straight into your living room and eye up all your belongings?

Many burglars like to take a peek into a property first to check if its worth their while.

If your new TV and surround sound speaker system is visible from the street, you could be a burglary waiting to happen.

Start drawing the curtains so that burglars aren’t able to peek into your windows. Net curtains are a great option for letting in light whilst still distorting the view of your interior to passers-by.

But get rid of that tall hedge

A tall hedge might prevent burglars from taking a peek into your property, but it could also provide somewhere for burglars to hide behind, allowing them to break in without being detected by neighbours.

If you want to make your home less of an easy target, you’re better off lowering your hedge and allowing neighbours to see the front of your home (just don’t let them see into it!).

Keep your doors and windows shut and locked

A open window can make you an easy target. Make sure that all your windows are left shut when you’re not in your home.

Hiring locksmiths to add window locks could also make your windows all the more secure. Many newer locks are much more secure and cannot be forced open.

Check for loose hinges and flimsy frames

A lock is useless if your doors and windows can be easily forced open.

Make sure that your doors and windows aren’t visibly worn or broken – a burglar will easily detect a broken hinge or a flimsy door panel.

Be careful what you post on social media

Are you the type of person that loves to share their life on social media?

Be careful of posting those holiday snaps and telling everyone exactly how long you’ll be away for – you don’t want to let the world know that your home is empty.

If you are going to share holiday photos, wait until you get back home to be extra safe.

Keep a light on

Whilst out of the home, it can sometimes be worth leaving a single light on just to trick burglars into thinking that someone may still be in.

There are even lights that you can buy that simulate the flicker of a TV screen so that outsiders think someone is watching the television inside.

Security lighting outside your home can also prevent burglars from breaking into your home undetected at night.

Hide expensive garden items away

Burglars may not only target possessions in your home but also possessions in your garden.

Make sure that you haven’t left out an expensive barbecue or lawnmower – lock these away in a shed when not in use so that they’re not an easy target.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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