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Are you getting married in 2019?

There is no day more special than your wedding day. And so you need to make sure the day goes like the fairytale you dreamt it to be when you were growing up. You remember the day when you sat in school and dreamt of marrying your own prince charming. You probably pictured turning up in a big princess dress and arriving on horse and carriage. And whilst your ideas of a perfect wedding may have changed, you still need to make sure that you fulfil them.

One thing you do need to make sure you do when you are planning your wedding is have a beautiful venue for the reception.

When you walk into the reception and see all of your nearest and dearest you want it to be dreamlike. You are going to look absolutely stunning in your beautiful dress with your hair styled and your makeup done to perfection. And you need the venue to be gorgeous too. After all, no one wants to feel overdressed at their own wedding!

If you want your venue to look fantastic then one decoration you need is chair covers. Chair covers are a simply must have. Imagine your reaction if you walked into a venue and you saw a place that was filled of plastic chairs. It will make the whole venue look tacky and cheap. Is this the image you really want to go for when decorating your wedding reception?

When looking for chair covers it is always a good idea to go for a neutral or light colour. Pick a cream or an ivory or a pale pink. You can then add the decoration with an array of different chair adornments. This is the way to create a truly stunning wedding venue. You find the perfect blend between style, elegance and beauty. After all, if you go for a bright and vivid chair cover colour then you can end up taking away from the classiness of the decoration.

So, once you have decided on what chair covers you are going to go for you can then enhance the venue and give it the five-star finishing touches with some decorations. Sashes tend to be the most popular.

You can choose between a wealth of different colours. Here’s your opportunity to add some vibrancy if you want with a bold and bright colour. Because the sash is not as dominating as the chair you don’t run the risk of making the place look tacky. In fact, an ivory coloured chair with a turquoise or fuchsia sash can be the perfect combination. You have the ideal blend between being elegant yet fun too. Alternatively, you can choose to play on the fairy princess theme further and go for another light shade, such as pale blue or a mint green.

If you are getting married then the importance of ensuring the wedding venue looks elegant, stylish and glamorous cannot be underestimated. The first step on the path to achieving this is to make sure you get your hands on some quality chair covers and decorations. The venue won’t look right without them!

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