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Meet Our New Addition – Bear The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog!

I’m so happy to announce that our family has grown by an extra member! We are now owners of such a sweet Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog.

Everyone meet Bear! He’s a big 12 weeks old and we collected him on Saturday.

He had his first appointment at the vet yesterday. He was checked over and given a clean bill of health, the only concern the vet has is that he has a slight under bite and we’ve been told to watch for his top teeth piercing the bottom of his mouth.

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He had his first bunch of jabs, his flea treatment and got his microchip planted. My brave little Bear didn’t even blink throughout all of this as he was busy eating the vet surgery out of treats!

I just need to figure out a way to give him his worm tablet and then he’s all set for the next few weeks until his next jabs!

He still isn’t allowed outside until all his jabs are complete, I mistakenly thought he just had to be kept away from other dogs but apparently even wetness on grass can be dangerous!

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Puppy
John the proud big brother

So since we’ve brought baby Bear home I’ve discovered his appetite is unreal! He is definitely going to be a big boy! He also loves to sleep, when he’s awake he loves to play and get cuddles.

He’s a really clever boy, in the 3 days we’ve had him he is already paying attention to sit, stay and paw. As for potty training, all is seeming hopeless right now! We have already had to purchase a new duvet!

Puppy sleeping with bear
Baby Bear with his Baby Bear

Bears favourite person in the world is his daddy. He follows him everywhere and cries so much if he even leaves the room!

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I’ve set up an Instagram for Bear. If you’d like to follow his journey of growing up then click here to follow him!

In the near future I will create a post about the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog breed containing information of their origin and statistics.

Puppy cuddles alapaha blue blood bulldog
Morning cuddles with Bear

So all in all, I am completely in love with my little pup, and just like a typical new mum I am completely rushed off my feet and can’t turn my back for a second!

My house smells like pee, I’m behind on work and housework, but every little snuggle makes it all worthwhile.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog cuddles
Bear and his beloved Daddy

Thanks so much for reading,


Luna Violeta


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