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Redesigning My Living Room With Help From BoConcept Furniture Stores Glasgow *

I can’t even remember when I last decorated my living room.

Honestly, with having a boy, 2 dogs and a cat, I have let it slack. It also seemed like the more effort I put into it, the more destruction came!

So for the last however many years, I’ve ran in with a cloth and a vacuum, gave it a quick go over and ran back out again.

I’m sick of it, I want my living room back now!

Months ago we gave the living room a huge clear out, threw away a couch, a coffee table and some other bits, to make space to decorate the living room!! Woohoo!

..except I’m still waiting. The fiance is determined to do it, but with being a painter and decorator I don’t think he can deal with coming home and doing more decorating!

I’m thinking to just take over and do it myself with some woman power!!

Unfortunately, I guarantee the living room will end up looking worse than before, I cannot decorate!

Planning Ahead

I’ve been checking out a few furniture stores around Glasgow and Edinburgh to get some future furnishing ideas and absolutely love BoConcepts quirky items!

BoConcept sell the latest modern interior design furniture and accessories. They have furniture stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and also various other spots in the UK, their website has a handy store locator too!

I love the fact that BoConcept provide in-store skilled interior designers and even offer a free interior design service! Brilliant, I look forward to hearing what ideas they have for my stupidly shaped living room!

BoConcepts Furniture Stores Glasgow – My Favourite 3 Designer Items

1. The Secret

BoConcept furniture stores glasgow
Photo Credit: BoConcept

Oh wow! This is so Luna Violeta! You may have noticed I have a love for the moon, and this is exactly what this piece reminds me of – a gorgeous, marbleized moon!

I love the name of this piece too, The Secret, the same as one of my favourite books! I love it!!

Available from BoConcept

2. B-spline LED Floor Lamp

BoConcept furniture stores glasgow
Photo Credit: BoConcept

How cool is this floor lamp?! What a space saver, it’s literally just a line! It’s also a great size at a length of 200cm.

I love this lamp because it’s different to any floor lamp I’ve came across before, and with having a small living room I need petite items, this will definitely work!

Available from BoConcept

3. Drop Tealight Holder

BoConcept furniture stores glasgow
Photo Credit: BoConcept

Finally we have the drop tealight holder.

Yes, I love a candle! But can you guess why else I love this piece?

Again it reminds me of my beloved moon! Just imagine how spectacular and glowing it will look lit!

I would love the option to have this candle holder in a silver colour, but this brass/gold colour is also beautiful!

Available from BoConcept

I highly recommend giving BoConcepts website a peek to see all of their awesome designer pieces. And don’t forget they have furniture stores in Glasgow, Edinburgh and around the UK, so pop in and take advantage of their free interior design service!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at admin@lunavioleta.co.uk

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. This post may be sponsored or I may have received the product for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% mine, I would never recommend a product or company that I don’t love.

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