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Creating The Perfect Home Study

Every single room in your house has a purpose.

The lounge is there for relaxing and socialising after a long week of work. You can entertain guests in it, choose to sleep on the couch for a nap in the day and you can use it as a room where you do your workouts in front of the television.

The dining room is set up with beautiful crockery and china plates, with a huge dining table and chairs that have seat cushions and beautifully coordinated chair covers.

The kitchen is a hub of modernity with appliances that are recent and are useful. The latest cooking gadgets are on the
worktops and it’s a functional and snazzy space to work in.

Each room in your home has a purpose, and one of the places in your home that you should make to be functional and practical is your home study.

wooden desk with jar of flowers, laptop and magazines

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student in college, a student in life or a budding entrepreneur with a small bank account and big ideas: you need a study.

You need to have a room where you can go that’s away from the rest of your house simply to work.

You need to not use your dining room table as a working desk. It’s the best way to get clutter all over the place and a dining room just doesn’t have the same ergonomics that a home study would have.

A study at home could also be a place that you do your regular day to day work; with the rise of employers offering remote work, you could benefit from having a ready-made space to work in.

Your study should also suit your personality, with style and flair that reflects you directly.

You can take your style inspiration from the big dogs in office design, or you can go a little unique and decorate it entirely with the inspiration that you have all on your own.

Either way, you need a study to be calm and ready for you any time that you need it.

So, how can you cultivate the
perfect space to get things done easily?

bright and spacious home office

  • Where possible, try not to make your study look like an office. A homely feel can make you feel relaxed, so while you want it to be a professional space where you can concentrate and get things done, you also need it to be a space you can feel calm in. A blank office can make you feel a little stressed, so go with the calm flow and make sure that you add some comforts to your study. Think squashy rugs and a mini-fridge of drinks and snacks to keep you motivated while you’re working.


  • Your study should have everything that you need electronically to work efficiently. For example, if it’s going to benefit you to have a laser printer in there to get work printed as you need it, then looking for discount printer ink and cartridges is going to benefit you. Don’t invest in old technology if you can help it; it won’t run as well as you want it to and it is going to be a pain to upkeep. Old tech is usually that which also takes ages to load
    and run, and the last thing that you need is to spend more time fixing issues than ploughing ahead with work.


  • It’s important to remember that while you want to create a homely and relaxing space, your work should be separate from the home. There’s no use in just portioning off a piece of the lounge to work in; you need a full room. If you have a conservatory on the house, you could convert that to your office space in the same way that you could a spare bedroom. Try not to blur those lines between work and leisure too much, purely because you don’t want to feel like you’re working in your home.


  • It’s very important that wherever you are holding your office, you place your desk in as much natural light as possible. Natural light isn’t just good for your eyes, it’s good for your mood and motivation to work. Natural light is calming, and if your space is away
    from the main rooms of the home, you can make it work for you and keep calm while you are working.


  • Comfort is absolutely key for your home office, but you should ensure that your furniture is ergonomic and makes you feel comfortable while you’re sat at a desk. Your desk should be the right height and sturdy, too. If it’s wobbly, you need to secure it better so that you can work properly.


  • It’s not always easy, but if you ensure that your office space reflects what you do for a living, you will feel more inspired. You need to have the right artwork and storage to make the room feel like you can work in it in the first place. Storage is vital; your books, documents, equipment and stationary will need a place to be out of the way but obvious to you all at the same time. If you have the right layout for your home study, you can feel relaxed and able to work properly.

purple home office study, iMac with time displayed, pink desk accessories

Creating the perfect study area is going to be very personal to you. As long as you understand the purpose of the study and why you want to create one in the first place, you can really start to feel motivated.

It also means that you have a beautiful addition to your house should you ever
decide that selling up and shipping out is the right option. You’re able to add something more that prospective buyers would want to see.

You can have a lot of fun with this project; it’s not going to be easy to actually pull together, but it’s going to be great once you manage it.

Start planning and pinning ideas to the board of choice and watch it unfold.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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