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Dazzling Ways To Improve The Lighting In Your Bedroom

The lighting in your bedroom is probably one of the most underrated features it has. No matter what the occasion, a good bit of lighting can really enhance things.

Through a combination of tips and tricks, you can improve the lighting in your bedroom for all situations.

How do you do this? Take a look at the ideas below, and you’ll soon learn what to do and how to achieve perfect lighting for certain scenarios.

Fit A Dimmer Switch In Your Room

Classic on and off light switches are way out of fashion these days. If you want to enhance and improve the lighting in your bedroom, then you need a dimmer switch.

This helps you in so many different ways and lets you create mood lighting depending on your personal preference.

Let’s say you have a visitor around and want to create a romantic setting in your room. All you have to do is dim the lights and create that lovely warm glow.

warm bedroom with rose petals and wine

But, what if you need to keep the
room nice and bright because you’re doing some work or reading a book? Turn the switch up high and let more light shine around your room.

It’s the ultimate way of improving your bedroom lighting no matter the scenario.

Use Lights Around Your Makeup Mirror

One of the key times where you need good lighting is when you’re doing your makeup in front of your mirror.

We’ve all sat down at our desk or dressing table and spent a good half hour trying to find the perfect lighting. There’s nothing worse than doing your makeup and then walking into a room with better lighting to find it looks completely different.

makeup mirror in front of window, pink flowers and makeup brushes

Thankfully, you can buy things like Hollywood Mirrors that have lights dotted around the frame of the mirror. This helps blast your face with perfect lighting, giving you clarity when doing your makeup and getting ready.

It completely gets rid of the bad lighting issue and works in any bedroom.

Make Good Use Of Your Windows

The first two ideas help you manufacture better lighting in your bedroom for different occasions. However, you must also pay attention to the natural lighting as well!

Don’t forget to open your curtains/blinds and let the natural light bathe your room.

pink bed next to large window with purple curtains

For me, rooms look a lot better and
fresher when they’re in natural lighting. So, make good use of your windows and try organizing your room around them.

Play around with where your bed and furniture is placed until you have
a setup that works well with your window placement. This maximizes the effect of the natural light and keeps your room looking gorgeous during the daytime.

white airy room with lots of windows

I find that when the lighting in a room is good, it improves the entire look and feel of that room. For me, it’s a huge part of improving your home decor!

The great thing about these ideas is that
they’re hardly difficult to try out, and they all work brilliantly. Not only do they improve your room, but they let you get more out of it by offering excellent lighting for all different scenarios.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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