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Doggy Essentials When You’re Planning On A New Addition To Your Family

Getting a dog seems like a simple premise – you buy a dog and take care of it. Seems straightforward enough right? Wrong. Essentially, having a dog is like choosing to have a baby, and there are a plethora of things that you will need to buy for them. So, to make sure that your new pooch doesn’t go without, check out this list of essentials to get for them!

A bed for both inside and outside

Dogs, like humans, need a place to sleep and a place to feel safe. And where do we feel our safest? In bed! While your pooch will more than likely love the idea of curling up on the sofa next to you, or perhaps even in your bed, they will need their own bed to settle down into. It’s important to get one for both inside and outside of your home so that if they are outside for an extended amount of time, they can get themselves comfortable! Not only that, having their own bed is a space for your dog to relax if they’re feeling anxious due to loud noises like fireworks.

A coat!

Again, like humans, dogs need a coat! It doesn’t matter how big or small they are! When it rains or when it’s particularly cold, all they have is their fur to keep their bodies warm and comfortable. You can buy a waterproof dog coat that will kill two birds with one stone! Plus, if you’re walking them in the dark, it might be an idea to buy a reflective one too so that drivers can easily see your pup!


Dogs need their vaccinations, and sometimes they will become sick or injured. The problem you face here is that veterinary care can work out to be very expensive. While it’s important to be financially stable when you buy a dog, it’s a wise idea to take out pet insurance so that if the worst does happen, you don’t have to try and fumble around for money to pay the vet fees.

The right food

You wouldn’t feed your child generic food from a bag, so why feed your dog the same? Different breeds of dog need specific nutrients so that they can thrive and grow properly. It’s important to research what kind of food your dog should be eating according to breed so that you can ensure you’re feeding them grub that’s not only tasty, but good for them too!

A suitable harness

Finally, sometimes a simple lead won’t suffice for your dog again, depending on breed and size. If you’ve got a larger dog, it will work out fairer on yourself and your dog to buy a harness rather than a lead. You should also consider obedience school for your dog so they know how to act and most importantly, don’t end up harming anyone.

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