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Gadgets That Every Kitchen Needs

For anyone who has lived in their home for less than a year, a few years, or even a few decades, it always feels as if you are missing something in the kitchen.

When you first buy a house and start stocking up on kitchen essentials you are bound to miss some things out, and it will often be a case of noticing your missing items when you need to use it for your cooking!

Here are some of the essential tools you will want to invest in right now to save worrying in the future.

Instant Pot

If you love eating food which takes no effort to make, such as stew, curry, and chilli: an instant pot is just what you need.

This machine doubles up as both a slow cooker and a pressure cooker and also has settings for grains and other foods to make sure everything is cooked to perfection.

This gadget is amazing for any kitchen and you will be able to leave food to cook overnight, while you are at work, or speed up the cooking process when you are in a rush!

If there is any gadget you take from our list, it should be this!

Clever Storage Spaces

One of the best things you can bring into your kitchen for efficiency is well-designed cupboards and drawers.

You can hire a good quality joiner such as Mccormack Joinery and you can come up with clever and sleek storage for everything in your kitchen.

Food Processor

Unlike a blender, a food processor can handle pulsing up dry ingredients for dressings, toppings and side dishes for any meal.

A food processor is amazing and it is something which is incredibly diverse in the kitchen.

Whether you want to make a smooth pesto or a chunky salsa, a food processor will give you the perfect results every time.

Air Fryer

In the last couple of years, every man and his dog seems to be on a health kick.

This is a wonderful thing, but it also means that it is difficult for you to enjoy those foods you used to enjoy.

There will be no more burgers and pizza, and nothing fried at all… or won’t there?

An air fryer is a gadget which you simply have to buy if you are trying to eat healthily but still want a treat now and again.

You can make chips and fries in a matter of minutes with zero oil, and they are just as crispy as the regular kind!

Boiling Water Tap

If you love playing with new gadgets and you hate having to wait for the kettle to boil for a cup of tea, you can install a boiling water tap into your kitchen.

This allows you to have boiling water within seconds and can make your time in the kitchen much more efficient.

Don’t worry about children either, because the boiling water tap does have a safety setting on it.

Garlic Zoom

If you are a huge garlic lover and you basically add garlic to every single dish in the world, this next gadget is perfect for you.

If you hate chopping up garlic or grating it, you can avoid all of the hassles with this garlic zoom. A garlic zoom is a cute little race car with blades inside to
chop up the garlic.

Simply place your cloves inside, shut the lid and push the wheels back and forth.

Perfect garlic in seconds!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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