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Glossybox April 2018 Review – The Nostalgia Box

Another month has rolled around already, and just like that we’re already in April!

But at least that means another Glossybox to look forward to! April’s Glossybox is dedicated to all things nostalgia.

This month, Glossybox have taken inspiration from generations past, and are bringing us a fresh twist on old classics.

So let’s get to it and find out what was in my April Glossybox!

Inside April’s Glossybox

Ok, here we go!

  • Karl Lagerfeld + Modelco – Baked Blush – Light Beige – Full Size – Not Yet released
  • Carmex – Strawberry Lip Balm – Full Size – RRP £2.79
  • Affect Cosmetics – Matt Effect Transparent Loose Rice Powder – Full Size – RRP £9.35
  • Eyeko London – FAT Liquid Eyeliner – Full Size – RRP £16
  • ModelLauncher – Safari Bronzer – Full Size – RRP £20

Aprils glossybox products displayed with purple rose petals

So everything in this month’s box is a full sized product! We don’t yet know the price of the Baked Blush, so this box is worth around £50 so far. But let’s move on to how these products worked for me…

Karl Lagerfeld + Modelco – Baked Blush – Light Beige

karl lagerfeld and modelco baked blush

From the bold and daring blush of the 80’s, to the natural look we’re sporting now, we’ve come a long way (Thank goodness!). Say hello to this incredible baked blush that brightens and highlights every complexion to create a cat-walk inspired glow. The luxurious, pressed powder and micronized colour pigments deliver a sheer, natural radiance that lasts all day. – Glossybox

My Thoughts

I’m not too sure about this one. It does give a gorgeous highlight but as a blush it’s a no from me.

If you like a very subtle, shimmery blush then this is perfect.

I will still wear this often as a highlighter though so it ranks high for me!

Rating – 4/5 stars

Carmex – Strawberry Lip Balm

tube of strawberry carmex

Carmex have been protecting, prepping, and perfecting lips since the 80’s. Bursting with strawberry flavour, this classic lip balm protects and moisturises your lips, keeping them lusciously smooth for any occasion. A real multi-tasker, you can also use it as a primer for lipstick staying power or as a gloss over your favourite colours. Containing SPF15 your lips will be protected all year round. – Glossybox

My Thoughts

I don’t think that this is something I would have ever picked up!

It looks a bit ugly and the packaging appears quite retro-looking.

Does it leave my lips soft? Yes!

Does it smell gorgeous? Yes!

But I do not like the taste of it.. I feel like it has like a curry twang to it?

I can’t put my finger on it! Other than that I’ll certainly be keeping this close to hand, as with the hot weather recently my lips have dried up and are flaking! Eek!

Rating – 4/5 stars

Affect Cosmetics – Matt Effect Transparent Loose Rice Powder

Affect cosmetics translucent rice powder

Move over banana powder, there’s a new celebrity on the scene! Introducing… Rice Powder, a combination of mica and rice starch which gives a perfect matte finish. This is one of our makeup bag must haves as it’s the perfect makeup setter, instantly absorbing oils, setting foundation and lipstick without the “cakey” look.

TOP TIP: Press the powder on to your skin while your foundation is still wet with a flat shaped brush or powder puff

My Thoughts

Brilliant, I was needing a new face powder! I’m currently using a GOSH tinted mineral powder and it makes my skin glowing and almost flawless! (Gutted it’s nearly empty!)

So this powder is snow white.. I have fairly tanned skin due to my tint of Spanish complexion.

The first time I tried this, I applied the powder all over my face. I looked ridiculous! Completely washed out!

The second time I used this, I only applied it to the bright areas of my face such as my forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and chin.

It certainly brightens up the areas and even did a fab job of covering the black bags under my eyes (my black bags are the worst by the way!)

Unfortunately I did find this powder to be very cakey. I maybe need to use a little less though, I’m still learning!

Personally I wouldn’t buy this, its a great baking powder, but ill stick with my GOSH mineral powder!

Rating – 2.5/5 stars

Eyeko London – FAT Liquid Eyeliner

eyeko fat liquid liner

Remember the BIG, BOLD lines that Brigitte Bardot rocked in the 50’s, Twiggy in the 60’s and Kate in the 90’s? The “IT” girls over the decades have shown us that a heavy liner never goes out of fashion. Recreate all of the looks with this smudge proof Fat Liquid Eyeliner. – Glossybox

My Thoughts

I’m not sure what went wrong the first time I tried this, maybe the ink hadn’t been soaked through the nib enough yet? But I found after applying my eye shadow, the liner wouldn’t work!

Draw on my hand – it works

Draw on my eye – smudge

My pretty eye shadow work went in the bin as the liner destroyed the look, it literally looked like a 5 year old had applied my eyeliner!

The second time I used it, it worked a lot better for some reason! It was actually the quickest I have ever managed to apply eyeliner! Its not so good for the sleek and precise cat eye but I’m shit at that anyway!

Rating – 3.5/5 stars

ModelLauncher – Safari Bronzer

model launcher safari bronzer

Bring on the 90’s with this leopard-print bronzer! The talc-free, mineral-enriched formula looks as good on skin as it does in the compact. Created to be versatile for every complexion, it has a long lasting waterproof formula allowing you to keep on glowing all day and all night long. Sweep it on where the sun would naturally hit: cheek bones, the bridge of the nose then over the forehead and chin. – Glossybox

My Thoughts

Photos dont do justice on how pretty this bronzer is! Lots of gold, copper and bronze tones, I also found it to be quite dark.

You do not need to use much of this bronzer!! Especially if you have pale skin!

I found this bronzer pretty perfect for me, it gave me a lovely, healthy sun kissed glow. Its definitely a new favourite for me, and I can’t get over how cute it is!

Rating – 5/5 stars

Glossybox April 2018 Overall

I’m so glad there wasn’t another primer in the Glossybox April box! My January, February and March box all had a primer inside!

Personally I love this months box. The Safari Bronzer has given me some serious summer vibes and the Baked Blush leaves me glowing!

I’d like to add that I’m sorry this review has been delivered a little later than usual. April has been really busy for me, plus the Easter holidays and my sons birthday. I’m getting back on track with everything and will be posting regularly again!

I’d also like to apologise for the quality of my photos this month! The Affect face powder blew over everything and my camera has seemed to pick up every little particle!

Did you receive a Glossybox this month? What did you think of yours?

If you’d like to try Glossybox and save £5 on your first box you can use my Glossybox referral link!

Lots of love,

Luna violeta

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