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Holiday Destination Dreaming: Things To Do In Marbella

Forward planning a holiday is the best way to mentally escape the winter blues and transport your mind to somewhere with an opposite aura to the UK.

Somewhere warmer, where the air smells and feels different, there’s a nearby beach, and you can drink, swim and relax and/or have fun all day every day.

The beauty of a beach holiday is not just the arriving, it’s the planning and looking forward to it part. The build-up to travelling to the airport, scouring duty-free perfumes and rum, the excitement of boarding the plane (especially with little ones). On landing, the heat that hits you on your immediate exit from the plane, to the thrill of being escorted to your luxury apartments on Marbella beach.

Each part from the booking, to the arrival to walking along the promenade, is part of the pleasure of a vacation.

If you’re planning on going somewhere sunny, with things to do for all ages and a wealth of luxury and culture, Marbella may just be that place. Here are a select few things you can do;

Puerto Banus

The marina built in the seventies by a local property developer Jose Banus is the epitome of luxury entertainment.

Set against a stunning background of mountains and ocean views, Puerto Banus plays host to designer boutiques such as Gucci, Burberry and Versace for the shopaholics.

Supercars such as McLarens, Bentleys and Ferraris are regularly driven through and parked by the marina, making this a desirable setting for supercar spotters. Not to mention the upmarket restaurants serving an array of delicious cuisine which looks out onto the marina lined with huge expensive yachts.

This is the place to discover and observe how the other half live and to brush shoulders with the rich, famous and most glamorous of people.

Selwo Aventura

A zoo trip is an excellent option for a family day out, where you can follow trails or even book a jeep ride to see the lions and zebras up close.

There is also a section where you can step into a bird sanctuary, and gaze at the colourful tropical birds flying over your head, this is a pleasant experience for bird lovers.

On occasion, there is a zoo representative who will let you stroke one of the birds. If you are set on visiting the zoo on your stay in Marbella you can purchase your tickets online prior to your visit at a cheaper rate.

Old Town

A historic monument for Marbella, some refer to the Old Town as the best part of Marbella.

With picturesque filled surroundings and architecture with character dating back to the renaissance period. A distinct signature of the town is the abundance of bright colourful flowers found throughout the town on the buildings, boutiques and restaurants.

Here you can spend a pleasant day with the family, shopping for local clothing or getting a bite to eat at one of the quaint tapas bars.

Marbella in the Costa del Sol is just one of the many picturesque places in Spain to whet the appetite for a sunny holiday with culture and fascinating things to see and do.

Marbella, in particular, being a desirable spot for those sourcing luxury, comfort and diversity in activities is fit to suit couples, singletons and families.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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