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Hot Home Makeover Trends For 2019

Our homes are expressions of personality, spaces to reconnect with family and friends, and our sanctuary from the world – we save hard to afford them!

It’s little wonder, then, that we want to make them as beautiful and welcoming as possible at this time of year. But while it’s easy to add interest to your decor with Christmas ornaments and pretty twinkling lights, once the festivities are over and you’re back to basics, you may be left craving a new look for your home.

So, what will be the big themes in interior design for 2019?

Expert predictions are already in from the tastemakers, so sit back, take a look at the new trends, and start planning your new year home makeover…

Paint It Black

Interior trends over the past few years have tended towards the soft – millennial pink has rules for the past few years, with everything from Chesterfield sofas to softly fringed lampshades being produced in the colour.

But prepare for the soft fluffiness to make way for something a little darker – matte black is being hailed as the new vogue.

Yep, it looks like black really is the new black in 2019. Although many will find it quite a challenging shade, the successful styling of black lies in what you pair it with.

Gleaming metallic accents of any hue look extra special when paired with the velvety shade, and kitchens especially can look super modern with black gloss units matched with bold coloured accessories and light walls.

If the trend is just too intimidating, dip your toe into the water with some matte black accessories – it goes with whatever you currently have.

And if you were especially enjoying pink? The good news is it pairs beautifully with black. Just think how popping that pink sofa would be against a black feature wall! So bring the drama with a splash of the classic tone next year.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

We think of mirrors primarily as a decorative item, or a way to visually expand a smaller space, as well as somewhere to check the state of our hair before dashing out the door. But be prepared for mirrors to get smart in 2019.

Suddenly, the functionality of your bathroom mirror might be ramping up a notch or three, as technology comes to call.

We’ve heard a lot about smart homes and internet of things, and plenty of us now enjoy systems such as Alexa, Ring Go doorbells or Hive heating and lights – all controlled from our smartphones.

This techno makeover is set to be applied to the humble mirror in 2019 to turn it into a multi-tasking wonder.

From checking your emails while you brush your teeth to ordering the weekly shop, giving you calendar reminders, acting as a health tracker or even getting makeup and hair hints and tutorials streamed live as you get ready – your mirror will do so much more next year.

If only you could get it to make your morning coffee as well (there’s probably an app for that…)

Natural Materials

In contrast to all this technology, the beauty of natural materials will also be a popular interior theme of 2019, whether it’s filling the house with natural quartz crystals or investing in Painted Oak Furniture.

People are now demanding better quality and longevity from their possessions and turning to nature to find the perfect interiors inspiration.

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