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How To Create A Cosy Atmosphere In Your Home

A warm and welcoming home is important to all homeowners. It’s an atmosphere that’s instantly recognisable once you walk into a room. Here are a few tips to get inspired!

First Impressions

The hallway is a great starting place and goes a long way in creating the initial impression people have when entering your home.

Make sure your passage is clear of shoes, bags and other clutter. Keeping the colours light and airy to help the space feel less claustrophobic. Keep a door mat on both sides of the door to stop dirt and mud from the outside creating a mess on your carpets.

Be Our Guests

Making guests feel immediately at home can be the difference between whether they stay or it’s just a one time visit.

Ensure there’s somewhere for them to put their coats or a pair of slippers to slip into if you’re a ‘no-shoes’ household. Going the extra mile is bound to make your guests feel appreciated and right at home.

Create A Conversation

Make your living room feel more homely by placing your seating arrangement closer together to create an air of intimacy and help organic conversation. It creates a comforting and cosy environment that people will just love to visit!

Use Texture

Incorporating soft and cosy items into your space can help them feel much more welcoming. Items like a fluffy rug or fuzzy cushion can elevate your space and invite people in. Use throws, blankets or other soft furnishings to bring the room together. Even plants can help your space feel less flat and characterless.

Set The Mood

Interior designers often use three types of lighting; ambient, task and accent, to dress a space. The three different variations of lighting work to create different atmospheres within a room.

Play around with these different light sources until you find one that really makes your place shine. Lighting experts like those at Abbeygate Lighting can advise you of the best way to arrange your various lighting schemes for the best effect.

Let Your Nose Do The Talking

Nothing is nicer than entering a home that smells great. Smell plays a huge role in creating a pleasing environment. Fill your home with air diffusers, incense, scented candles or even fresh flowers, for a home that smells clean and lovely.

Let The Sun Shine!

It’s a well-known fact that colours can affect our moods. Cool colours like sky blue or lilac are known for being fresh while yellows are known for being invigorating. Warm and autumnal colours are known for making a room feel relaxing. Warms also work really well with neutrals and allow you to keep your space from looking too bland.

Your home should reflect your personality.

Most importantly, being authentic to your own personal tastes and interior style will instantly add character and atmosphere in your home. If you create an environment that you love to be in, the rest should naturally follow.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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