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How To Maintain A Relationship When You Have Limited Time Together

Relationships don’t just happen; they need to be nurtured and built on trust and understanding. If you neglect them, you are not going to be able to enjoy the benefits of having someone you can rely on and share your thoughts and worries with. When life happens, you have to travel for work, or life makes it hard to find time for each other, working on your relationship is even more important. Below you will find a few ways you can make it work.

Regular Dates

No matter how busy you are, and how little time you can spend together, you will need to have regular dates when you don’t think about work and other problems, and focus on each other. Even if it is just once in two weeks, you will always have something to look forward to, and have a chance to find a way to make plans together or surprise your partner. If you want to survive a long distance relationship, you will need to be proactive when it comes to communicating with your partner.


Even if you can’t meet for weeks, you will need to carry on communicating. Find a time of the day when you can both take some time off your busy schedule, get rid of distractions, and catch up with each other. Arrange a video call if you can, and make sure that you are making plans for the future, as well. Showing you care in a relationship can make your partner feel appreciated every day.

Showing Respect

It is also crucial that you show respect and avoid questioning your partner, no matter how much you don’t agree with their decision. This doesn’t mean that you should agree with everything they do; simply respect their view. If you are trying to tell them what to do, you will soon lose them or make them keep things from you.

Being Genuinely Caring

There are many ways you can show that you care; you can get them a personalised gift that will remind them of you and how much you appreciate them being in your life. From an everyday item engraved with their name, or a car accessory they will use every day. Be mindful of their needs and taste, and you can win them over with your caring and nurturing responsibility.

Respecting the Other Person’s Space

If there is one mistake people make when dating someone and don’t have enough time for each other, it is becoming clingy and pushing the other person to change their lifestyle just for them. You will need to respect the values of your partner and their priorities. You can’t expect them to drop everything for you, or neglect their education or career for you. This would be far too much to ask.

If you would like to maintain a relationship and take it to the next level, you will need to actively seek opportunities to connect with your partner, even if you have limited time to spend together.

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