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How To Make Your Wedding A Day To Remember

Every wedding day undoubtedly sticks in people’s minds forever, whether it was your own wedding or you were a guest, but you don’t want it to be for the wrong reasons. You know, like those brides on You’ve Been Framed who fall into a lake as soon as they step outside after having their full hair and makeup done, which isn’t really the best start to your big day.

We’ve put together some simple tips, if you want to make sure that the day that you tie the knot is one that you remember (positively) forever!

Break away from tradition

People are getting married every single day, and pretty much every time, the guests are looking at the vicar wondering when this speech is going to come to an end so that everybody can move on to the big party (see: Elton John at Prince Harry’s wedding). OK, not every time, but sometimes it’s great to say goodbye to tradition in favour of something a little more exciting, and a little more you.

Unique is good. We like unique.

Add your own touch

Are you and your fiance absolutely obsessed with cats? Do you want your cat to come to your wedding?

Whatever it is that you really want, don’t be afraid to add your own touch, even if it means that your best friend looks after your cat for the whole time. You don’t want to look back on your wedding day, and realise that you didn’t really add the personal touches that would have made it more memorable.

Get some unique music

Wedding receptions are also something that begins to get quite repetitive, and having a DJ play songs from the 80s all night will only appeal to a specific audience. If this is your thing, then fair enough, but why not say goodbye to having a DJ for the entire time? You may be thinking, ‘how much does it cost to hire a wedding band, surely I can’t afford that?’ but there are some reasonable options out there worth looking into!

Look for a more intimate venue

Another mistake that you could fall into is hiring a huge venue, and trying to make your wedding a bit of a spectacle.

Sure, have a massive party, but perhaps having the ceremony with your closest friends and family members would really make it a memorable, and intimate experience? This day is all about the people that you love, so don’t feel obliged to make a big scene out of it if you’d prefer a small ceremony.


If you want to make your wedding day memorable, the best thing to do is to follow what you really want to do, rather than jumping on the bandwagon of those traditional weddings. Of course, if that’s your dream, then do that!

But the most important thing is that you look back on this day, and it defines the relationship between you and your spouse, not what you think it should be like.

Enjoy your wedding, it will be the best day of your life!

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