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How To Prepare For Marrying A Long Distance Lover

One of the best things in life? Love of course!

Harder and harder to come by these days as the world gets larger. That should mean that there are more opportunities than ever to find love. But it also means there are more chances of getting into a tough relationship.

man with feet up on his suitcase at an airport and watching a plane taking off

However, when you’re in a long distance relationship there’s never a dull moment. You’re always trying to make out to see each other, travelling to different countries and getting used to their culture.

It might have just been something new and fresh in the beginning but it can get pretty serious.

There is a stigma that long distance relationships don’t work and that sooner or later you’ll realise that the back and forth travelling isn’t going to be sustainable.

Many couples do part ways because of this but some fight through the challenges.

If you’re one of those couples and it looks like it could be time for marriage, make sure you’ve done these things.

how to prepare for marrying a long distance lover

Analyse the economics

Getting married is for people who want to live together, thus you or they will need to move their life to another country.

This means you need to figure out what kind of job prospects there are for each of you in your respective nations.

What kind of career opportunities are there for your potential spouse in your country?

Do some research to figure out where they could work, what kind of companies there are that require the same sorts of skills they have.

The exact same goes for you, so ask your partner to do similar research.

Do you have the room

You don’t want to have a scenario where you move in too soon and neither do you want to not have enough room to move into.

Most people before they get married live in an apartment together, and then once they have their marriage license start to look for a home and eventually move out.

man and woman cuddling in a kitchen

Since your partner is in another country, you’re taking a big step to have them move in with you or yourself move in with them.

Consider renting a larger apartment in readiness for their arrival, or timing your departure from your current renting situation to move to a larger apartment where both parties pay for the rent together.

The legal requirements

If you’re already married, your partner potentially has a case for special status as a spouse. Apply for a Spouse Visa and they can come and visit you or live with you temporarily.

If things work out, you can always extend this visa and have them stay with you for multiple years until the issue ever needs to be updated again.

Check the requirements list first before you apply and make the correct actions accordingly.

people dressed in suits with papers and pens

Once you realise it’s more than just a long distance relationship, you can begin planning for your marriage.

Beyond that, you may need to postpone your honeymoon and get the legal requirements done for your spouse to enter the country. Applying for citizenship is perhaps the first goal.

how to prepare for marrying a long distance lover

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