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Is Your Home Complete?

A home is never complete.

A home is a work in progress, something can always be improved. Even if something doesn’t need improving, it can always be changed.

The beauty of owning your own home is that you can do whatever you want to it. One day you might just start to hate the wallpaper you’ve got, so you tear it down and start all over again with a blank canvas!

You’ve got the freedom of designing everything that you want, and you’ve even got the freedom of moving between houses to see if there’s anything else on the market that you might like.

So, if you think your home is complete,
think again and think about whether you’d like to make these changes.

Decor Changes

Decor changes are the best kind of changes that you can make to a home.


One minute you could have a dull and lifeless room, the next you can have one that has been brought to life, and up to more modern times, just by simply switching up the decor a little.

Even if you’re happy with the paper or paint, you can still think smaller and add in some cute little accessories to give the room a bit of character.

Something so simple as retro telephones from Cuckooland will give you a starting point for something new. You can
then start adding in more retro things, such as a cool bookcase, a record player, posters and pictures, and any other artifacts that you can think of that might help to put a retro spin on your room.

When you do feel as though it’s time to switch up the decor completely, make sure you’re looking around to find some of the best inspiration that you can. It’s often better to go off something you have seen, rather than something you
have created in your head.

Garden Renovation

When thinking of the home, so many people just assume that the inside of the home is the most important part, when in fact, it’s the garden that can attract the most attention from your guests, and potential buyers.

garden patio

Around every 5 years is a good time to switch up the garden. If you’ve currently got half patio, half grass, why not switch the patio to decking? It does look sophisticated, and it does last a long time without going bad!

You could then put a lovely outdoor furniture set, and a lovely little BBQ on there for those summers days that we’re hopefully going to have!

Is It Time For A New Home?

Sometimes you just need a new home.

The home you’re in might become boring to you, or you just might outgrow it!

beautiful home

Whatever your reasons, you shouldn’t dread home hunting. Home hunting is an exciting experience, and should be thought of like opening a new chapter in your life, rather than one big ball of stress.

Make sure you do plenty of shopping around, and if you’re looking to go modern, you don’t always need to look at
new builds!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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