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Is Your Home Really Safe? 6 Ways To Find Out

Everybody wants to believe that their home is as safe as can be – ‘safe as houses’ is a common quote used today, but many people would likely be shocked to find out that their home isn’t really safe at all.

Whether you live alone or with your family, making sure your home is safe is key to your long term health, safety, and happiness.

Below we have 6 ways to find out if your home is really safe. Take a look and see what you think:

is your home really safe

1. Hire An Experienced Surveyor

First of all: hiring an experienced surveyor is a smart way to figure out whether your home is truly safe or not.

There are different types of surveyors, including party wall surveyors who can address your concerns and give you an accurate idea of how safe your home is.

Make sure you do your research on different surveyors, get a few quotes, and choose one that has experience and knowledge in the local area.

2. Call The Emergency Services

police man talking and smiling with firefighters next to telephone box

Don’t dial your emergency services and get an ambulance or a police car to your home right away; instead, call the non emergency number and see if you can get a call out.

Usually, a police officer will be on hand to check over your home and give you security tips from a burglar’s point of view, and there are services that will come out and fit a fire alarm for free.

3. View Your Home Like An Intruder

Put yourself into the shoes of an intruder and take a walk around your home.

Is it easy to hide in your garden – do you have plenty of places to hide, and no lighting, for instance?

guy fawkes mask hiding in the bushes

Do you have alarms?

Are your keys on display or do you have one hidden in plain sight?

Intruders are becoming smarter, so you need to take better measures to keep them at bay.

4. Test Your Dog

Your dog loves you, but that doesn’t always mean they will protect you if somebody was to break in.

Many owners who have dogs are surprised to learn that their dog merely hides from an intruder, or even wants to play with them!

Ask somebody to do a mock break in of your home and see how your dog reacts – bear in mind that it’s probably a good idea for them to wear safety clothing, just in case your dog really does attempt to stand their ground.

Whatever dog you have, sometimes having signs up telling people you have a dog is enough to deter them from breaking in.

dog looking out the window of a door

5. Find Out How Long The Windows And Doors Have Been Installed

Perhaps you need to replace your windows and doors if they have been around for a long time.

Old doors and windows can be too easy to break into!

6. Find Out How Old Your Wiring Is

person plugging in electricals to an extension socket

Faulty wiring is one of the main causes of electrical fires in the home. Avoid them by having regular checks carried out.

Look for cables that are dated with black rubber, lead, or fabric, which can indicate wiring present before the 1960s.

6 ways to make sure your home is safe

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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