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Why This Is My First And Last LookFantastic Beauty Box

First of all I want to thank my lovely readers, as with you using my Glossybox referral code, I earned enough Glossy Credit to order a LookFantastic Beauty Box to review!

I wanted this to be a great review! I was so excited to try this beauty box out!

lookfantastic beauty box and purple rose

As you may know by now, my reviews will always be honest.

I do hate to be negative, but it’s part of being a product reviewer.. sometimes things are going to be shit, and it’s my job to share my opinions to make you aware of any disadvantages.

Everyone is different, what might be a God-send to one person could be useless to someone else.

These opinions are my own. I’m aware there are others that have been very impressed with their LookFantastic Beauty Boxes.

March LookFantastic Beauty Box

lookfantastic beauty box pinterest

LookFantastic state you will receive 6 products in every LookFantastic Beauty Box, plus the latest edition of ELLE magazine, and also a copy of the LookFantastic Beauty Box magazine. Each box has a monthly theme or design.

Well, I did not receive:

  • A pretty themed box design
  • My beauty box magazine
  • My copy of ELLE magazine
  • The latest LookFantastic Box

Its not major, I know. But I am a new customer and can’t help but feel a little mistreated.

I was looking forward to having a magazine to read (I’ve actually never tried ELLE magazine before!) and some info on the products that have been sent to me would have been handy!

lookfantastic beauty box

To top things off, I signed up to LookFantastic near the end of March. The website stated I would receive the following months box (April) yet I have had the money taken at the beginning of April and March’s box dispatched?

On a more positive note, LookFantastic e-mailed me the day before delivery to inform me that due to the unprecedented demand for the box, they had ran out of the designed packaging. Well I’m not surprised if you’re handing out last month’s box.

They went on to say I will also not be receiving my copy of ELLE magazine or Beauty Box magazine.

They informed me that my packaging will be a standard Beauty Box and I will still receive March’s 6 products – plus an additional product and a Β£5 LookFantastic credit due to the inconvenience.

Well thanks LookFantastic, that was kind of you to do that.

What’s In My March LookFantastic Beauty Box?

My free kind gesture product was an Illuminating Micellar Cleanser by Darphin.

This month’s products I also received are:

  • Doucce – Freematic Eyeshadow Duo
  • Styl London – Oval Makeup Brush
  • RENUSKIN – Advanced Flash Relax Mask
  • Skin Chemists – Youth Defence Lip Plump
  • Omorovicza – Balancing Moisturiser
  • Skimono – Foot Mask

As I didn’t receive a Beauty Box magazine, with a few of the products I had to research online about their directions and what the product actually does.

About The Products

Darphin – Illuminating Micellar Cleanser

Gel-to-oil-to-milk micellar cleanser with illuminating essential oils helps melt away makeup, impurities and lifts the dull veil from skin’s surface. – Darphin

darphin illuminating micellar cleanser

My Thoughts

The smell!! Wow! It’s really strong but I love it. This micellar cleanser comes out the tube in gel form, it then turns into an oil as you rub it into your skin and then it turns into a milk as you wash it off!

As well as smelling amazing, I don’t need to use much to cleanse my face. My make up literally slides/melts off my face when I use this!

Rating: 5/5 stars

Doucce – Freematic Eyeshadow Duo

A highly pigmented and passionately luxurious eyeshadow that serves as the building blocks of the Freematic Eyeshadow magnetic system. The 82 ready-to-wear colors come in both matte and shimmer textures, and can be used alone or within the Freematic system to create custom palettes. The versatile silky smooth powders are so rich it feels creamy. The fine weightless powders glide on easily and blend effortlessly without smudging or creasing. Apply dry for a more natural finish or apply wet for a more long lasting dramatic look. – Doucce

doucce freematic eyeshadow duo

My Thoughts

Both of these shades are fairly shimmery and I find I need to pack quite a lot on for the colours to show well on me due to my skin tone.

These are perfect for any omg I’m late for work mornings or a day to day natural look. Just a quick sweep over the eyes for a natural looking, subtle shimmer and then top off with mascara.

Rating – 3.5/5 stars

Styl London – Oval Makeup Brush

I couldn’t find anything about this product online, so unfortunately I can’t share any specifications with you, but they do have a website you can take a look at

styl london makeup brush

My Thoughts

I had a whole bunch of these kind of brushes, but like with most of my possessions, they have been swallowed into a black hole and I can’t find them anywhere!

These brushes are perfect for contouring. The bristles on the head of the brush are so thick and soft! There must be a million hairs crammed together on that little head!

I like to use a large blending brush afterwards for a smooth looking contour.

Rating – 3.5/5 stars

RENUSKIN – Advanced Anti-Ageing Flash Relax Mask

RENUSKIN Flash Relax Mask works to smooth fine lines whilst firming facial contours to give you an instantly more youthful and radiant complexion. A careful combination of Ginseng and Magnesium gently relaxes the muscles to provide a smoothing and lifting effect to ensure skin looks and feels toned and tightened. A blend of Vitamins C and B5 naturally enhances skins radiance whilst restoring moisture and intensively hydrating. Skin tone and textured is balanced to ensure the face looks visibly brighter and lighter. –

renuskin advanced anti-ageing flash relax mask

My Thoughts

This mask states you need to use it 1-2 times per week. I’ve used it once and didn’t really notice any difference.

It’s meant to give an instant facelift effect but my saggy bits and fine lines were all still just as visible. Maybe I need to use it for a bit longer for it to do its thing though.

I will keep using it and if I notice any difference I will let you know!

Rating – 1.5/5 stars

Skin Chemists – Rose Quartz Youth Defence Lip Plump

skin chemists rose quartz youth defence lip plump

Our Rose Quartz Lip Plump can give you a fuller pout without the pain and commitment offered by fillers. This Lip Plump is designed to hydrate the lips, whilst actively boosting them for a fuller pout, leaving them soft and lightly glossy. Providing all the benefits of a lip gloss and a lip balm, with an actively plumping effect. – skinChemists

skin chemists rose quartz youth defence lip plump

My Thoughts

This is so pretty!!

Perfect for in the morning for when you need a little zing to wake you up! I find its very pepperminty and very tingly!

It’s not irritating like some brands though, with other lip plumps I’ve had to wipe it off because the tingling was actually sore! The tingle on the skinChemists lip plump is pretty perfect though.

I’m lucky enough to already have plump lips and I haven’t noticed any difference in my lip size since using this yet, but again it may be another product that gets to work after a few uses.

I’ll let you know if I start getting fish lips!

Rating – 2/5 stars

Omorovicza – Balancing Moisturiser

Ideal for oily and combination skin, this cooling gel-cream helps to regulate the production of sebum to avoid shine. It provides perfectly calibrated long-lasting hydration though it absorbs instantly. It also blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. – Omorovicza

omorovicza balancing moisturiser

My Thoughts

I really like this moisturiser!

It has a handy pump which dispenses just enough product to cover my face. The moisturiser stays wet long enough to spread over the face and then within seconds soaks right into the skin.

It has a lovely light scent and feeling on the skin and I find my pores look a little smaller after use.

I highly recommend trying out Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser.

Rating – 5/5 stars

Skimono – Foot Mask

A deeply replenishing serum foot mask packed with shea butter, olive oil, tea tree and chamomile.

  • Moisturises deeply
  • Smoothes cracked heels
  • Softens hard skin
  • Refreshes and revives tired feet
  • Anti-bacterial action – Skimono

skimono foot mask

My Thoughts

This was interesting to use!

Its very simple, just separate the two sock shaped bags, stick a foot in each bag, tighten, secure and leave them on for half an hour.

I would definitely recommend sitting on this for 15 mins before use! I didn’t, and stuck my feet inside the absolutely freezing cold, slimy bag-sock and it wasn’t fun!

After use, I did find my feet were a little softer, but unfortunately the next day I found that any rough bits I had were rough again. My feet feel how they did prior to using the mask already, so I personally wouldn’t go out and purchase this.

Rating – 2/5 stars

March LookFantastic Beauty Box – Overall

I’ve not had a great experience with my first LookFantastic Beauty Box. With being sent last month products, 2 missing magazines and a standard box, I’m not left feeling like a welcomed customer.

Yes LookFantastic did send an extra item and Β£5 credit for their website to try to make things right, but I’m not feeling satisfied.

I think this may be my first and last LookFantastic Beauty Box.

Have you tried a LookFantastic Beauty Box before? What did you think?

Or if you’d like to try your own LookFantastic Beauty Box you can do so through my LookFantastic referral link to get a discount.

Let me know your thoughts guys, is LookFantastic as bad as what I’ve experienced?


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