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Lost Rings And Other Disasters You Don’t Want On Your Wedding Day

There are countless ‘You’ve Been Framed’ style shows out there ALL about weddings.

Contained within are the things brides dread, and guests secretly hope for!

Thanks to the focus of all attention on bride and groom, a disaster is often the perfect comic set up. All eyes are looking their way when the moment happens. What’s better, there’s usually a video to capture the action.

Though it’s funny when these things happen to someone else, you won’t laugh if they happen during your wedding.

In fact, a disaster stands to ruin the day altogether.

As if that weren’t bad enough, you’ll never live it down with that video evidence. Even £250 from our favourite comic clip show wouldn’t ease that sting!

Frankly, you would never want to come back after your honeymoon.

Sadly, we can’t save you from every disaster. But, we can cover you for the big ones.

Read on to find out how you can avoid the most common wedding day bloopers when your time comes.

Falling Down The Aisle

This is the kicker, right?

Brides spend hours, days, weeks, dreading falling down the aisle. All
those faces will turn towards you and see you go down! And, those sky-high heels won’t help, either. But, there are a few things you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen.

For one, consider flats. It’s likely your dress covers your shoes anyway. Flats are comfortable and sturdier than their high counterparts.

Failing that, practice makes perfect.

You might want to keep those shoes ship shape for the day, but it’s essential you have at least some practice sessions. Then, you’ll have some idea of how to balance your weight.

Lost Rings

The vows are underway, and the room has its breath held for the (nearly) married couple.

Only, when it comes time to give over those rings, the best man’s gone and lost them!

It’s a scenario we’ve all chuckled at countless times, and you DO NOT want it to happen to you!

Imagine all that time you spent picking the perfect rings.

Kiss goodbye to all those hours of choosing diamonds with the help of sites like Diamond Expert. And, that’s before you even think about the money you’ve lost or the fact you can’t show off your married status until you buy new rings.

In truth, your best bet is to encourage your groom into a trustworthy best man.

It’s also worth noting that this often happens due to holes in pockets. So, either make use of a ring cushion to hold your rings in place, or slip them into a bag before handing over. That way, there’s less chance of mishap.

Dropping The Cake

wedding day cake

We couldn’t not mention dropping the cake, could we?

In the best case scenario, the bride
drops the cake and lands on top of the thing, too.

But, if you don’t fancy spending your wedding with an added layer of frosting, we have one simple tip; don’t pick up the cake. Ever!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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