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Lush Serenity Gift Set Review: 8 Fantastic Products!

Its been a long 3 weeks but I’m back from my holidays! I hope everyone has had an awesome Christmas and New Year! Did you manage to check out my Christmassy Post about my time at Edinburgh Christmas Market? One of the lovely presents I received over Christmas was a Lush Serenity Gift Set, so of course I had to give this beauty a review.

Pretty pink, purple and yellow wrapping paper all tied together with a golden bow, it’s definitely beautifully packaged.

The smell of luscious treats inside can’t be contained by the packaging. Sweet, creamy, banana, berries, cocoa, vanilla.. I was just about licking the box, I couldn’t wait to get my paws inside this!

Inside Lush Serenity Gift Set we have:

  • Sultana Of Soap
  • Serendipity Soap
  • Sympathy For The Skin Hand and Body Moisturiser
  • The Comforter Shower Cream
  • Oaty, Creamy, Dreamy Shower Milk
  • Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion
  • Helping Hands Hand Cream
  • Foot Soak And Fancy Free
lush serenity gift set unboxing
Unboxing The Lush Serenity Gift Set

Upon opening the box I saw that everything was packaged well with environmentally friendly polystyrene puffers (I don’t know what they’re called so I made it up!)

It was also quite fun dipping my hand in the box to hunt out the items!

Please note that the products were photographed as removed from the lush Serenity Gift Set, they have not been cleaned or wiped and were received as pictured.

Serendipity And Sultana Of Soap

LUSH Serenity Gift Set Serendipity Soap Bar

This is one of my Serenity Gift Set favourites! I really like the look of it, being a purple lover and all. It looks so pretty and reminds me of an amethyst crystal ♡

Upon giving Serendipity the sniff test, I could certainly smell the lavender, my favourite bed time smell. The soap lovely to use. I don’t really ever use bars of soap but Serendipity has changed my mind. It’s a luxurious experience to use Serendipity soap and honestly it’s so lovely that I didn’t want to use it!

My skin is left feeling silky, soft and moisturised after use. I definitely recommend Serendipity Soap for a before bed pamper to leave you feeling soft and snuggly.

If you’re feeling worn out from dancing in the rain and getting your kicks in the candlelight, succumb to this new sensation of calming chamomile blue oil. Soothing lavender infusion and French lavender oil help to ease your mood every day and night. The perfect lullaby to help you slip off to sleep. –

LUSH Serenity Gift Set Sultana Of Soap

If you know anything about Sultana Of Soap then you may have noticed it’s upside down in the photos! This is because I’m a muppet and didn’t realise until after the photoshoot.

Even still, upside down it looks attractive and deliciously creamy.

I feel this soap lathered up a lot easier than Serendipity, and upon the sniff test it definitely had more of a “bar of soap” smell than Serendipity does.

It does leave skin soft, moisturised and smelling great but Serendipity is still in the lead for me.

If your skin’s feeling drier than a desert, Sultana of Soap is your oasis. With loads of dried fruits like apricots, cranberries and currants and a splash of olibanum oil, skin and moods will feel soothed and comforted. Bergamot oil adds a final sunny mood boost to this joyful soap. –

Sympathy For The Skin

I love this moisturiser, the fresh banana smell is gorgeous! Plus cocoa butter, vanilla and sandalwood.. yes please!!!

The statement on the lid is certainly correct, all of the scents inside Sympathy For The Skin are simply dreamy.

I use Sympathy for the Skin pretty much every day now.

  1. The smell is actually heaven
  2. My skin is feeling great since using this
  3. I love the feeling of how it soaks straight into my skin (I can actually feel my skin drinking this baby up) and doesn’t leave and stickiness.
  4. A little goes a long way
  5. I’ve also tried this on my face and my face has moisture throughout the entire day

We’ve packed this lotion with bananas, cocoa butter and vanilla to nourish and soften sore skin. Fresh, organic bananas are mashed and added to a loose emulsion of vanilla pod infusion, cocoa butter and almond oil, which helps the skin more easily absorb the vitamin and mineral-rich bananas. Sandalwood is great for dry skin as it’s anti-inflammatory and cooling. –

The Comforter And Pink Peppermint

LUSH Serenity Gift Set The Comforter

This looks interesting.. bright pink!

On the sniff test I thought the scent was lovely and full of berry scents. When I used the product I found it was awfully runny, but this lessened after a few uses, giving it a good shake first helps.
I also found when I used the product that the smell was a lot stronger than in the bottle, and the smell reminded me of a throat lozenge-ish scent.

I should also note that the shower cream does go on pink but it doesn’t stain on your skin!

Apart from the overpowering lozenge smell, I really like The Comforter Shower Cream and I think it would be great to use with your morning wash to get you smelling great and to put some twinkle in your steps.

This berrylicious, reassuring shower cream brings to mind warm, familiar memories. The blend of sweet cassis absolute, uplifting bergamot and assuring cypress essential oils create a blackcurranty aroma that’s like being wrapped in a snug hug. –

LUSH Serenity Gift Set Pink Peppermint

Pink Peppermint Foot lotion indeed smells extremely pepperminty and upon opening the tub I could see the name lived up to its description.

The foot lotion is a gorgeous strawberry milkshake pink colour and looks incredibly smooth and pokeable while inside the tub. It reminded me of putty.. without the putty texture!

This is another product where a little goes a long way. It makes any little dry patches on my feet vanish and the moisture lasts for hours! And I can definitely feel the peppermint zing tingling my toes!

There’s a simple step to getting your feet in mint condition – slather them in this zingy peppermint and relieving arnica blend. Filled with the same calming, refreshing ingredients which have been sweeping you off your feet for years, including fresh peppermint which boosts the circulation right to your toes! This clever herb also has endothermic qualities, and will stimulate and warm cold feet but cool and refresh hot skin, making it the perfect cream for all seasons. As well as a dose of antifungal tagetes oil to take down swelling, we add lashings of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, sourced from small, peaceful cooperatives around the globe, to soften parched skin and get your feet back in tiptop condition. –

Helping Hands

Please don’t be mad, but this isn’t my favourite hand cream.

It does work amazingly, my hands are left so soft with a non greasy feeling and once again I just need to use a small amount, but the smell..

It’s not awful, but it’s not a nice smell. When I scratch my nose and catch a whiff of my hand I do kind of think.. ew. But this is my opinion and other people may love the smell.

That said, the hand cream works brilliantly and I would love to purchase this in another scent if available, does anyone know?

Time for a little thirst aid? This hardworking pot of creamy, Fair Trade, organic cocoa butter and hydrating honey will nurse your hands back to health. Calming chamomile water and restorative almond oil have a wonderful bedside manner, while rich, reparative shea butter from The Ojoba Women’s co-operative in Ghana is quickly absorbed into the skin for a silky-smooth finish. There’s no prescribed way of doing things: just dab or scoop as much as you like into your palms and rub all over. –

Foot Soak And Fancy Free

I am still yet to try Foot Soak and Fancy Free. I don’t really suffer from any feet issues, just some little dry patches and hard skin now and then. So I’m going to organise myself a little pamper night with a foot soak, facial, nails, a bubbly bath, candles etc.

On first glance I wondered what hell of a bath bomb is this?! And later discovered its a foot soak!

Its very delicate. Literally every time I touch/look/breathe near it a small piece drops off!

You can see a little info about Foot Soak and Fancy Free taken from the Lush website below.

I will update this section when I have given it a try, hopefully Friday or Saturday evening I will manage to fit in my pamper evening!

Feeling dead on your feet? Freshen up with this epsom salt and tagetes foot soak – it’s perfect for taking down swelling and softening hard skin. Fill up a little footbath (or appropriate receptacle) and give your feet some well-deserved pampering in waters filled with French lavender and chamomile, finished with a generous dose of carageenan extract. Silky soft and soothed toes will soon be yours, put your feet up (or down into the water) and relax until the doorbell rings and you’re called to step forth once more. Give this little guy a try – you won’t regret it. –

Oaty, Creamy, Dreamy

lush oath creamy dreamy review

Oaty, Creamy, Dreamy Oat Milk Shower Cream is an interesting shade of pale green. It may not look too eye catching but it’s certainly a little superstar.

There are a couple of minor downsides such as

  • It doesn’t lather up well and I have to squeeze out quite a lot of product to cover my body.
  • It’s fairly difficult to squeeze the product out of the tube. It’s quite a thick consistency and there is lots of shaking and squeezing involved to get it out.. not easy with wet hands!

Despite these minor flaws, this shower milk is LUSH! This shower cream leaves a smooth and silky film over my body which leaves my skin feeling smooth for a long time after. I will certainly be using Oaty, Dreamy, Creamy for my night time bath.

Heaven really is a place on earth and that place can be found in your shower with this divine blend of cooling oat milk and soothing lavender. Rich and creamy cocoa butter combines with olive oil to keep your skin angelically smooth all over, while balancing rose water and calming chamomile blue oil soothe tantrums, taking delicate skin to cloud nine. Lather up on a wave of love. –

And there we have it, all 8 products in the Lush Serenity Gift Set! I’m really happy with my magical little box jam packed with luscious products. Have you tried any of the products in the Serenity Gift Set? Let me know your favourites!

Thank you so much for reading and please share this post if you enjoyed it!

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Speak soon and take care!

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