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Make A Bedroom You Want To Spend Time In

“Let’s spend all day in bed” is a phrase you want to say more often but can’t because you hate your bedroom.

The idea of spending any extra time in there sends a shiver down your spine.

All you want to do is go to sleep and that’s it. Everything else can take place in another room in the house or at a coffee shop or a pub.

Anywhere but the bedroom!

Hating this room is bad news because it’s a place where you can rest and relax and be at ease. So, it’s time to flip the script by flipping the boudoir.

how to create a bedroom you love

Clean It

Bedrooms collect dirt and dust and that makes them a bit disgusting.

When there’s hair on the floor and dirty dishes under the mattress, there are good reasons not to linger.

So, the first port of call is to clean it from top to bottom. Sadly, a ten-minute job won’t do the business if your chambers have been neglected for too long.

Clear away the clutter and move the fittings out the way and then go around with the vacuum. Then, wipe down the surfaces with a cleaning agent and plug in an air freshener.

Finally, keep on top of your duties to stop it from getting filthy again.

Add Furniture

Some pieces are too essential not to have in the room.

A bed frame and mattress combo need including or else the whole point of the space is negated. However, you can also add items which you’d normally find in other places in the house.

A sofa is a living room item that also doubles up as a piece of bedroom furniture. The same goes for an armchair.

These fixtures work because they add an extra element to the room. Now, you can lounge on the couch with a book rather than having to lie on the bed, which isn’t always appealing.

Turn It Into A Gym

Most of us have to go to the gym to burn fat. The problem is that the gym is full of idiots and it’s hard to find the motivation.

As a result, you might spend too much time on your back rather than doing yoga stretches. The good news is that you can create a home gym with the right equipment.

Even if it’s one machine, such as a bike, you can use it to burn off the calories.

Anyone who struggles for space can put down a yoga mat and do stretches. Hopefully, you’ll never leave the bedroom!

Remove Electronics

Devices are everywhere in the house so you can watch TV wherever you want. However, they stop you from sleeping which is why you don’t want them in the bedroom.

Anyway, you’ve got your mobile phone and that will be by your side morning, noon and night. So, use it as a one-device-fits-all tool and do all the things you would downstairs upstairs instead.

Do you love or hate your bedroom? If it’s the latter, what can you do to make it better?

how to create a bedroom you love

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