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Have A Glossy Spring! March Glossybox Review

It’s time again for another Glossybox review, the March Glossybox has arrived!

March is here already and I couldn’t be happier! This means Spring is well on its way, goodbye snow and ice! Bring on the mild spring showers, longer days and the crisp, sunny mornings!

march glossybox 2018

I can’t wait to get stuck into my Spring cleaning! Fresh air throughout the house, everything sanitised and tidied, I just love it!

Spring is also the focus of the latest March Glossybox – waking up out of our hibernations, to start blossoming and blooming our lovely selves throughout Spring in preparation for Summer.

In other words, it’s time to pull the razors back out ladies, because nice weather and cute clothes are coming!

march glossybox 2018

What’s In My March Glossybox

I am really happy with my products this month, and they are so pretty to photograph!

Here’s what I got in my March Glossybox

In The Box:

  • MUDMASKY – Sleep Renewal Nourishing Mask – 20ml sample
  • Oryza BeautyWarm Nude Lipstick – Full Size – RRP £15.95
  • Figs & RougeSoft Focus Pore Perfect HD+ – Full Size – RRP £35
  • Laura GellerIlluminating Stick – Ballerina – Full Size – RRP £19
  • LUÉ By Jean SeoErase – Full Size – RRP £11

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This box is worth over £80 at least!

I couldn’t wait to try out these lovely little products to find out just how good they are considering their prices.

So let’s find out what the March Glossybox products are like!

MUDMASKY – Sleep Renewal Nourishing Mask

mudmasky march glossybox 2018

This overnight mask by premium skincare brand MUDMASKY hails from Amsterdam. Using only fresh, raw, all-natural ingredients, the mask hydrates, soothes and smooths your skin. A feast for the senses, it’s scented with natural rose water, imported from a small village in Persia, which helps to endure a more restful sleep after a long day. – Glossybox

My Thoughts

How unusual, I thought as I examined the contents of my Glossybox, a mud mask to wear overnight?! Wouldn’t this get a little messy?

I was mistaken. This mask has a gel like formula and you only need a small drop to cover your face. It doesn’t actually look like you’re wearing a mask.

I didn’t experience any issues such as my face sticking to the pillow or anything!

I wore the mask for around 8 hours and washed it off in the morning, even though it didn’t actually feel like I had anything on my face by then!

Surprisingly, after drying my face I noticed overall how smooth my skin felt.

My skin definitely looks brighter and feels fantastic!

Rating – 5/5 stars

Oryza Beauty – Warm Nude Lipstick

oryza beauty lipstick march glossybox 2018

The velvet ribbon lipstick range by Oryza has a weightless, semi-matte and satin finish. – Glossybox

oryza beauty lipstick march glossybox 2018

My Thoughts

I saw this lipstick and instantly fell in love! What a gorgeous nude shade!

I have a touch of Spanish in my blood, and I’m blessed with quite plump lips, so when it comes to nude shades I can end up looking ridiculous.

Just as I thought, this shade was too light for me. I would be just as well using concealer on my lips!

Oryza beauty told me they will have new shades released in June this year which I’ll definitely be checking out, as I did like how smooth this lipstick felt on my lips.

Rating – 2.5/5 stars

Figs & Rouge – Soft Focus Pore Perfect HD+

figs and rouge hd primer march glossybox 2018

A weightless, matte serum designed to minimise the appearance of pores. – Glossybox

My Thoughts

Ok, honestly.. another primer??

I’ve now received a primer in my January, February and my most recent March Glossybox.

Come on Glossybox, shake things up a bit!

As fed up as I am with primers, this Figs & Rouge one is very lovely!

Another product where a little goes a long way, skin is left feeling even and smooth, ready for your makeup.

This can also be used over makeup to touch up any problem areas such as the forehead where you tend to get shine.

Rating – 4/5 stars

Laura Geller – Illuminating Stick – Ballerina

laura geller easy illuminating stick

Durable and oil-free, this highlighter can be worn on bare skin or over foundation. – Glossybox

My Thoughts


This highlighter is perfect!

Natural shades look so much better on me (browns, golds etc) with my olivey skin tone, and this highlighter has a lovely gold/copper tone to it.

I’ve had a few comments while wearing this!

I love how quick and easy this highlighter is to use, the smallest roll has your cheekbones popping all day!

It’s lovely and subtle, blending in with the skin until the light hits it. It’s just perfect!

Rating – 5/5 stars

LUÉ By Jean Seo – Erase

lue by jean seo march glossybox 2018

This pH balanced powder cleanses, exfoliates and brightens – leaving skin radiant and smooth. – Glossybox

My Thoughts

Well, what can I say about this?!

I’ll get the negatives out of the way..

  1. I don’t want to be measuring out and mixing up pastes.
  2. It smells like Ready Brek
  3. It has Ready Brek consistency
  4. I’m pretty sure this is Ready Brek

Seriously guys, after mixing this up, the particular smell of Ready Brek filled the air. I was transported back to childhood, especially when I had to start dipping my fingers in and smear it on my face!

It’s sticky, it’s cold, it smells, but it works!

The first time I used this I didn’t let it dry for long enough. It states to leave it on for 1 minute before moving onto the next step, but I’ve found this isn’t long enough.

Anyway, I left it on for a minute, attempted to rub it off, and it all rolled into huge balls. It’s meant to look like eraser rubbings! Clumps got stuck in my hair, I was a mess!

So now I leave it on for however long it needs to dry and it works perfectly.

Afterwards I feel like a layer of skin has been removed! Absolutely amazing!

Rating – 3.5/5 stars

purple rose march glossybox 2018


It’s a great box this month, with a total rating of 20/25 stars!

I’m absolutely loving the MUDMASKY overnight mask and the Laura Geller highlighter.

My biggest disappointment is the Oryza lipstick, but this is only because the shade resembles the colour of my lips after eating a powdered doughnut.

There were 7 other products that could have been sent to me this month, I’m pretty happy with the selection that was chosen for me!

purple rose march glossybox 2018

If you’d like to try Glossybox out, order through my referral link and save 20% on your first box!

Link: Glossybox Code ELIZABETH-RF6

Using my referral code works out at just £8 for your first Glossybox!! (I received over £80 of products in this month’s box!) Definitely worth giving a try!

March Glossybox 2018

As always, if you have any questions or just fancy a chat, you can reach me on my social media accounts such as Twitter or Instagram or pop me an email at

I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading guys!

Lots of love,

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