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My Dog Has Been Attacked! WARNING: May Be Upsetting

I’m still so shaken up as I write this.

It happened around five hours ago and I’m so unsettled and restless.

This is my dog Kaya, she’s eleven in August.

She had been abandoned by her family and I adopted her from Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home when she was four.

me and my dog
Me and Kaya – giving big smiles for the camera

She’s a cross between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Whippet, or a Whippy, I do believe Kayas mixed breed is called.

She’s always been such a friendly, happy little thing. She’s daft as a brush but also very clever. For example, she walks brilliantly off the leash and has great road sense, but will chase her tail, smack her head into a piece of furniture, and then continue chasing her tail!

She loves kids, any age, as soon as she spots a child her tail goes crazy wagging! She’s known to spot a child from a distance while we’re playing ball, and run off to make a new friend!

3 pets on the bed
Kaya loves her little brothers Bear and Oscar

Kaya loves everybody! She has the biggest smile and just wants to be stroked, kissed, and told what a good girl she is!

Kaya was fine yesterday, playing tug of war with Bear and stuff, although she never ate, she’s not really a big eater though so this was nothing unusual.

dogs playing tug of war

dogs playing tug of war
Kaya and Bear LOVE playing tug of war together!

This morning, my partner took both of the dogs out for their morning to-do-do’s and came back inside saying Kaya had been sick and had diarrhoea around four times.

Hoping it was just a simple case of an upset belly, we got her to lay on her bed and frequently offered her small amounts of food and water which she refused.

After a while I noticed she was trembling, she was feeling sick bless her, so again she went out and was sick and had some more diarrhoea.

This time it had blood in it.

Again I tried to think positive and hoped it was maybe a tear in her passage.

Once again we made her comfortable and gave her lots of pampers.

bush fire

At lunchtime she seemed a bit perkier.

She followed us into the kitchen while we were looking at the big fire someone had set in the bushes, Kaya was having a little walk around, then suddenly I heard a huge splat.

There was blood everywhere. I’m talking a puddle of liquid, watery blood, no lumps or diarrhoea mixed in, it looked like something from a horror movie.

We contacted the vets and got her seen to ASAP. The vet prescribed antibiotics, some medication to settle her stomach, and some specialised nourishing dog food.

We were told if things get any worse we can contact their out of hours and get her seen to.

close up dog

By this point Kaya was acting like nothing was wrong, paws up on the counter being nosey, sniffing every inch of the room and big smiles for anyone who looked at her!

Bless her, as soon as we got outside, once again she squatted over and blood came flowing from her bum.

We had to get her home ASAP so she could rest and give the medication a chance to kick in that the vet had just given her.

We were on our way to the cash machine to withdraw money, my partner walking Kaya on the leash, she was being a bit slow with her bad tummy.

All of a sudden I heard a bark and a growl, a woman shouting and then saw a dog just around five metres away come bounding out from a housing scheme and then launched itself at my poor Kaya.

It all happened so quickly, there was no time to think or react. This dog was on top of Kaya, snarling and biting and poor Kaya was too weak to defend herself and just crumbled.

We tried to separate them, even kicked the crazed dog, but it didn’t stop attacking until the owner managed to rip her dog off Kaya.

All of what.. ten seconds? And my baby has a chunk out of her neck.

While the owner was putting a lead around her dogs neck, I pulled out my phone and took pictures of the dog and owner.

dog attack

She then screamed to her friend “she’s f**king taking pictures!”

Her friend, Vicky Pollards twin, started walking towards us shouting.. “I’ll kick her f**king c*nt in, your dog should be on a f*cking lead!”

vicky pollard
photo credit: BBC

Excuse me, my poor weak dog is on a lead! It’s your crazed animal that came launching itself at my dog for absolutely no reason other than you have an uncontrollable dog in a public place with no lead or muzzle!

Blood was everywhere. I didn’t stop to take names from those classy people.

Within five minutes of leaving, Kaya was already back at the vet.

dog attack wound

I was in tears and shaking, the vet staff were lovely and gave me tissues and a glass of water.

They said with Kaya already being ill, being weak and has now been attacked and needs stitches, she will need to go to hospital.

ยฃ600 this is going to cost us and we need to find the money in two days.

We now know who the dogs owner is (my partners friend recognised the lady in the photos.)

It’s not actually her dog. It’s a young man, he looks early 20s, tattoos (cheap looking jail ones, I love tattoos, I have two of my own), holding cans of beer with his pals, pictures of him posing with stolen street signs, looks like the type of person that gets into fights, drunk and disorderly etc.

His dogs name says it all.. Munch.

dog attack wound

Apparently he uses this dog for hunting hares. He takes great pride in his vicious dog, the type of person who would probably threaten to set his dog on you if you got on the wrong side of him.

I know it’s not the dogs fault, the poor thing has clearly been bred to be vicious.

I have had no choice but to contact the police. My dog is weak and sick which is bad enough…

But what if Kaya had been a smaller dog?.. a little pug plodding along, a little old ladies yorkshire terrior, or even a small child in a fluffy coat?

Munch and his responsible owner and chums

What happens now is down to the police, I just hope this man is banned from owning animals, and his dog is able to be trained to go to a loving home.

21:00 Update: contacted the hospital, vet says Kaya is ok, her bites have been cleaned, been given pain relief and she will get her stitches tomorrow. They’re keeping an eye on her sickness and diarrhoea.

25/05 11:00 Update: I barely slept, I know I was still awake at 5:30am. The vet called this morning at 8am. He said her stitches are looking good. She’s been on a drip so her fluids are up. Her diarrhoea is starting to get some texture but she still isn’t eating. He wants to keep her in the rest of the day but he said she should be home this evening!!

26/05 Update: We collected Kaya from the hospital around 7pm last night. The vet said that the big patch of skin that was missing, luckily was like a flap buried under her skin, which they managed to fish out and give her a nice clean stitch! It is about four inches long and she has a few cuts and grazes at the front of her neck which I never noticed at the time, Munch really wanted to kill her ๐Ÿ™

dog attack stitches

The vet said they were having to force feed Kaya and she wouldn’t poop for them, they wanted us to keep her in another night for another ยฃ170 but my gut told me she needed to be home. I made the right choice. I warmed up her specialised food and added two antibiotics (one for the stomach bug and one for the infected bite) and mixed it all up. I offered Kaya the bowl.. not interested. I then offered her a little bit to eat off a tablespoon.. not interested. I put a little in my hand.. she ate it! I tried again with offering the bowl.. nope! She wanted to be hand fed by mummy! Of course I fed her the lot, it got stuck under my nails and all sorts, but she ate it all!

After letting her food digest a bit, my partner took her out to do the toilet. She had a little diarrhoea but no blood at least.

She isn’t interested in drinking so we are having to give her a little at a time by syringe.. she doesn’t like that!

dog attack healing

Today, Kaya ate her breakfast on her own! She ate it very gently while lying down, but that’s great! She has had a little diarrhoea today but it’s not watery, this is a good sign too! She hasn’t vomited in the time she’s been home either.

Im really happy with the progress she’s making and I hope to have more positive updates soon!

I will update when I know anymore. Sorry I won’t be active on social media, my heads too done in for it.



  • Kylie

    Iโ€™m so sorry to hear how Kaya is having a rough time. Itโ€™s horrible that on top of not feeling well at all, a vicious dog attacked her and injured her. I hope that over time Kaya recovers to her usual self and both of you can heal from that tramatic experience. Iโ€™ll be thinking of you both, and again sorry to hear youโ€™ve both been through a rough time.

    Sending light and healing energy.

    • Lunavioletaa

      Thank you for such a lovely message Kylie. I truly appreciate your words, thank you so much you sweet lady ๐ŸŒท

  • Hannahslifediaries

    So so horrible. Iโ€™ve been thinking about this since the first time I heard. I hope the owners get some sort of punishment, yourself and little Kaya donโ€™t deserve this.

    Glad to hear sheโ€™s on the mend slightly though. Iโ€™ll be looking out for updates ๐Ÿ’— x

    • Lunavioletaa

      Hi Hannah, she is home now and things are going well ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve just added an update to the post. Thank you sooo much for your concern for her, love Lizzy and Kaya xxx

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