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What A Bloomin’ Talent! – An Interview With The Ubiquitous Flower

I remember making paper flowers back when I was in the Brownie Guides. Nothing fancy, origami flowers I suppose, lots of folding and a little bit of snipping. It must have taken us around an hour to create a single flower!

Creating paper flowers is definitely not my calling in life!

For a few months now, I’ve been following a very talented lady on Instagram. When I first came across her profile I was delighted to see her feed was filled with the most beautiful and colourful flowers!

the ubiquitous flower paper flowers
Photo credit: @TheUbiquitousFlower

I had to double take that these flowers were made of paper!

I gave her a follow, and not only every day am I greeted with gorgeous photos of her unique flowers in my feed, but also, Morag is such a kind lady with her positivity and sweet comments.

So after Morag (@TheUbiquitousFlower) very kindly sent me one of the most beautiful paper flowers I have ever seen, I decided to give her an interview to find out just how this talented lady creates her stunning flowers and where it all began.

pink dahlia paper flower
The stunning flower that got sent to me

Creative Blood

Morag told me it was her mother and father who inspired her creativity.

With a prize winning, confectioner baker for a Father, and a needleworker and flower arranger for a Mother, Morag has creativity pumping through her veins!

From a young age, Morag would read crafting and creativity books – especially a favourite Ladybird book which she would read daily.

paper flower purple rose
Photo credit: @TheUbiquitousFlower

Morag started out with knitting, moving onto crochet and then macramรฉ. She found a real love for creating tissue carnations, which she discovered while working on her first ever job, making tissue carnations for a hen night coat! (Sounds interesting!)

She went on to become a craft tutor at two further education colleges where she was required to have the skills to be able to create different crafts, and this was where she developed her paper flower making skills.

Taking The Leap

Around four years ago, Morag started a hobby page to showcase a range of the crafts she had created. She found that flowers were very popular and this inspired her to create a business, solely focussed on creating paper flowers.

pink roses paper flowers
Photo credit: @TheUbiquitousFlower

The Ubiquitous Flower was born at the start of 2018!

Morag is currently working part time at The Ubiquitous Flower as she’s studying at the moment, but is looking to be full time next year and hopes in the not too distant future to have some help from a (budding!) paper florist, to aid her one woman venture!

pink paper flowers
Photo credit: @TheUbiquitousFlower

About The Ubiquitous Flower

On average, Morag creates around 15-20 flowers per week, ranging from teeny tiny ones to huge ones!

She creates flowers for various occasions and events such as,

  • Home decor
  • Wedding decor
  • Wedding bouquets
  • Window decor
  • Flower photo walls
  • And most recently costume jewellery
paper flowers
Photo credit: @TheUbiquitousFlower

She tells me that creating her flowers can take anything from 2 hours to many hours of work, this is because she makes her paper flowers a little differently from the majority of flower makers.

To create her flowers, she uses materials such as paper, card, flower foam and cold porcelain.

orange theme paper flowers
Photo credit: @TheUbiquitousFlower

She states that although a glue gun would make the process a lot speedier, she finds the glue can crack, which therefore affects the quality of the flowers. Morag has created her own method for gluing her flowers, she tells me its a slower method, but she’s very happy with the results.

large thistle paper flower
Photo credit: @TheUbiquitousFlower

Morag has a few favourites that she likes to create, such as the XXXXL thistle she made for a window display. She tells me it took around 18 hours to create, but the results were worth the time as she was extremely pleased with it. Her absolute favourite make so far has been her Poppy arrangement, which she absolutely adores.

As well as having some favourite makes, she also has a couple that gets her palms sweaty at the thought of creating!

Such as Alliums which she never did get around to finishing.. she estimates they have around 600 teeny tiny petals on them!

paper flowers
Photo Credit: @TheUbiquitousFlower

Get In Touch!

Morag at @TheUbiquitousFlower loves what she does, in her own words..

It’s all one big flower adventure! Flower making is a passion of mine, and when others like my creations it’s the hugest compliment!

What a sweetie!

poppies paper flowers in vase
Photo credit: @TheUbiquitousFlower

If you’d like to take a peek at Morags creations, make a purchase or have an enquiry, Morag is very happy for you to give her a message on TheUbiquitousFlower Instagram page (and maybe a follow too, support small businesses!!)

Do you have a hobby or talent, or have or are thinking about taking the leap into creating your own small business? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading, and I hope these beautiful flowers have brightened up your day a little.

Best wishes,

Luna violeta

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