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Pets Acting Crazy And How To Fix It

While we all love our pets to bits, it’s no doubt that they can exhibit some strange behaviours!

From tearing your home apart to keeping the neighbours up and chasing their own tail – why do they act so strange and what do we do when it gets out of control?

Your pet may not be able to keep a particularly deep conversation with you, but they’re surely able to communicate with us in their own way.

When you know the signs, it’s also going to be a lot easier to correct unwanted pet behaviour and get to the bottom of what’s causing them to bark through all hours of the day.

That way, you won’t just make sure that your neighbourhood is peaceful, but you’re also doing a great job at attending to your pet’s needs.

Strange behaviour and excessive barking are, in fact, often signs that something is not quite right.

how to fix crazy pet behaviours

Does my pet have separation anxiety?

Just like children, many pets also experience anxiety when you’re not around.

As their owner and main human, it can be difficult to cope with – you need to go to work, after all, and not all offices are pet-friendly.

small while poodle sitting on a blue and white stripey couch with a yellow and white pillow. The dog is wearing a blue collar

If you’re getting constant noise-complaints from your neighbours, and keep coming home to a house that is either tore to bits or covered in urine, you may be dealing with an anxious pet.

Luckily, there are many ways to help them cope, though, and you can start by reading up on crate training as well as conditioning.

a border collie barking with a black background

Try to act normally and don’t shower them with love before you leave, although it’s tempting! Your pet will start to recognise this and it tends to trigger their anxiety.

Does my pet have worms?

Worms are very normal for pets and particularly if they spend a lot of time outside.

It’s fairly easy to recognise the signs of this as well; your pet may be vomiting, have diarrhoea or show signs of generally low energy.

a brown pug wrapped in a brown blanket looking sad

While worms are fairly common, it can become dangerous if left untreated. It may affect your pet’s organs, for example, and lead to a loss of consciousness and even death.

Most internal worms are really easy to treat and you don’t want to lose your pet to something that you can take care of in a few days. It may develop into heartworm disease, for example, which you may have heard of – it is expensive but also, and most importantly, really difficult for your dog, so make sure that you treat your dog for those worms.

Is my pet bored?

Last but not least, pets may show some really strange behaviour when they’re bored.

a small dog running with a pink scrubbing brush

Without enough exercise during the day, you may notice that your dog or cat has these strange moments of absurd craziness; running around the house, leaping from one corner to the next, and generally just behaving oddly.

Usually, this is a really simple thing to fix and not really harmful at all – in fact, those moments of craziness is very helpful to your pet as they get rid of all that excess energy.

a dog jumping in the air

It may be better for them, as well as your home, to run around like this outside rather than knocking over every piece of decoration you have at home!

Make sure that your cat has enough space to unleash their energy in if they stay inside – and remember to always give your dog a few long walks every day.

a dog wearing a cape and holding some weights in its mouth

When you have the responsibility for a pet, it is vital that you give them the kind of life they deserve.

Dogs need to go for long walks every day and it doesn’t matter if you have a large backyard; they still want to roam, sniff, and explore new surroundings.

With enough exercise, training, and love, you can actually take care of most of these issues fairly quickly. Remember those trips to the vet as well, though, to make sure that your pet is healthy otherwise.

how to fix crazy pet behaviours

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