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Phone Photos – What Can You Do With Them?

If you are anything like me, you will probably have hundreds of photos on your smartphone or tablet device. Now that we constantly have our phones with us, it is ever so quick and easy to snap anything that captures our imagination.

From travel photos to a cute dog that you spot on the bus into work, there are a million and one things that you might want to take pictures of. But then what do you do with these photo once you have taken them?

Sure, you can post them onto your Facebook and Instagram. Otherwise, they will probably end up forgotten stored on
your phone.

girl taking photo of pink flowers with iPhone

Well, here are some really creative ideas of how to use your phone photos!

Make Luggage Tags

If you have some fun photos from your last holiday, you could always contact a company like Target Photo.

This firm can make lots of cool and unique items with your photos, but one of the most innovative has to be their luggage tags.

travelling photos and a paper map

They will print an image of your choice onto a plastic tag that you can use for your luggage next time you go traveling.

Create A Wall Display

Photos always look great when they are incorporated into a room’s decor. This is simple to do, even if you aren’t that skilled when it comes to DIY.

First of all, you just need to get the tools and materials like a cordless glue gun and colourful string.

photos displayed on a wall

All you have to do is print your photos from your phone and then start sticking them onto the string. This can then be mounted onto a wall.

Fill A Photo Book

Photo albums may seem quite old fashioned these days, but photo books are still very trendy especially with all the hipsters out there.

The difference between an album and a photo book is that the photos are permanently stuck into the book, and you can also add any other cool things
like tickets, quotes, and sketches.

It’s more like a scrapbook than a photo album, and makes a fantastic keepsake!

Turn Them Into Puzzles

Did you know that there are also some companies who will turn your photos into puzzles?

blue puzzle pieces

This is such a cool idea, and also makes a great gift for your friends and family. I’m sure they will laugh so much when they open a jigsaw that has their own face on it!

To get your own jigsaw, just send your chosen photo to a company that offers this service, and they will do the rest!

Eat Them

Yes, you did read that correctly! It really is possible to eat your favourite photos!

You just need to get them printed onto marshmallows first. There are a few specialist marshmallow makers who can print your images onto these sweets using edible inks.

I wonder if photos taste as good as they look?!

flatlay of photos, cowboy hat, sunglasses, phone and scarf

How do you want to use your smartphone pictures? Hopefully, this blog post has given you some fun inspiration and ideas!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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