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Preparing Your Home For Winter

Whilst we’re currently enjoying a sizzling summer, now is the perfect time to take care of your home improvements and prepare your house for winter – as it’s times like this when the weather is fine, the days are long, and you can work outside without fear of getting drenched, that’s the best time to undertake home maintenance tasks.

Right now, the focus is on keeping cool but this will quickly shift as we head into autumn and as is often the case, after a particularly hot summer we can expect a pretty cold winter.

Indeed, the weather seems to be getting more and more extreme in terms of the contrast that summer and winter bring.

This article offers a number of suggestions that can help you save money with regard to keeping your home warm this winter, beyond the standard recommendations of getting a new boiler or installing double glazed windows.

1. Reduce Your Energy Cost

The first, and most important principle is to reduce the amount of energy you consume, and also to reduce the cost of the energy you do use.

There are a number of comparison sites
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The best thing you can do, at this time of year however is to consider installing solar panels or another form of renewable energy that means you will not only help in saving the planet but also your bills will be much less.

2. Make Use Of A Timer

You’ll want to ensure your heating system has a modern thermostat that comes with a timer, meaning you can program the heating to come on according to your schedule.

See, if you’re out at work during the day and the house is left empty, there’s no point in spending all that money to keep your house warm if you’re not going to be there.

That said, most people delight in coming home to a warm atmosphere, and therefore you can use a thermostat to kick in an hour before you get home, so that the house is cosy for when you arrive, but not unnecessarily warm during the day.

3. Insulate And Eliminate Draughts

Just like how people prepare for storms in advance, and batten down the hatches, you need to prepare for winter in advance… and the best preparation you can do is to insulate everywhere.

Double the insulation you think you will need and you will see your energy bill reduce.

It might sound costly but insulating your house is one the best long-lasting investments you can make in your house.

Heat rises, therefore heat tends to escape mostly through the roof. The more insulated your roof is, therefore, the more heat your home will retain, which means the less you will require heat to be generated – meaning lower energy usage, and therefore, lower bills.

The other aspect is to eliminate draughts within your home.

Did you know that windows can account for nearly a quarter of heat loss?

This is where double and triple glazing come into play. The first step is to find the draughts and then take measures to prevent the heat escaping.

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