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Private Number Plates That Are Banned

Private number plate sales have always been high. People love nothing more than personalising their own vehicle with a one-of-a-kind plate that makes their car different from all other vehicles on the road.

Personalised number plates also make great gifts too when you are buying for someone special. A lot of people like to have number plates with their favourite sports star incorporated or a nickname that everyone refers to them by.

However, did you know that some plates are actually banned from the road?

There is a small selection of number plates that have been banned from the road by the DVLA.

This should not worry you if you are looking for dateless number plates to hide your car’s age, as these are allowed, or if you are searching for the perfect gift for a friend.

Once you learn a little bit more about the reasons behind the plates that have banned, you will understand it – it’s unlikely you would have wanted to purchase them anyway.

Nonetheless, it’s certainly something interesting to learn about, right?

Some of these plates are obvious, such as number plates that make religious references. The last thing the DVLA wants is for a number plate to cause offence or create problems. Religion can be a sore subject for a lot of people.

Sadly, if you were to have a religious number plate, your car could be targetted with vandalism and other forms of damage. Understandably, it is not a risk the DVLA wants to take, which is why these sorts of number plates are not allowed.

Plus, there are some people that would purchase religious number plates for the wrong reasons, i.e. to cause trouble and offence rather than showing their support for a religion.

However, there are some plates that have been banned that are quite bizarre. Why are these plates banned? The reasons remain unknown.

The good news is that these sorts of bans are very rare, so it only applies to a small number of plates. Some, you may be able to work out for yourself, for example, MA55 MDR. Whoever wanted to buy this plate was hinting at having ‘Mass Murder’ on their car, not really a great message, is it?

Needless to say, any car number plates that include vulgar terms or references to alcohol are banned. So, if you are thinking about getting ‘VOKDA 1’ it’s probably not the best idea in the world.

Moreover, you certainly shouldn’t pick anything with nasty swear words or offensive terms. It is just not worth the risk.

You should avoid them at all costs, as you will simply be wasting your money.

Yes, private number plate companies are very responsible and will make a dedicated effort to avoid selling plates that are banned. It is worth noting, though, that this is an issue that is brought up twice a year, and so you really don’t want to take any risks. A plate that is deemed fine now could be banned six months later.

You don’t have to worry about this at all with most plates – only if you have chosen something blatantly offensive.

A publicly funded committee meet on a six-month basis, and they will add any number plates that they believe are not suitable for the roads in the UK. They have the right to demand the withdrawal of any plates they do not think are appropriate.

Interestingly, last October, the Top Gear crew were chased out of Argentina because the number plate on Jeremy Clarkson’s vehicle, H982 FKL, was viewed as a reference to the Falklands War. The BBC has claimed that this was a complete coincidence.

Of course, it is unlikely you are going to be taking your car all of the way to Argentina, but this shows how these sorts of rules are implemented all over the world!

To conclude, when shopping in private number plate sales, it is vital to make sure your number plate does not cause offence. It may seem funny at the time to pick something rude, but you will only end up getting your number plate confiscated, so don’t waste your money.

Plus, if you are buying for a friend, it may seem funny but they aren’t going to want to put something crude on their car!

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