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Quick Getaway? Making Sure You’ve Packed The Essentials

So, you’ve decided to take advantage of some free time, and booked a last minute holiday (lucky you).

It’s time to ensure you’ve grabbed some essentials so that the only thing you’re spending cash on is cocktails, sightseeing, and all the good stuff that comes with a trip.

Nobody wants to be rooting through what’s available from the hotel lobby’s limited kaftan store when they are suffering from jet lag.

Creating a capsule wardrobe for your holiday, which will see you through any situation, is your best plan of action (even if your plans include just sipping cocktails in the sun).

The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice on grabbing exactly what you
need when you’ve booked those flights to travel, and need to concentrate on getting to the airport.

Let’s get the first one out the way; go and find your passport!

Okay, time to continue…

packing holiday essentials

Edit Your Accessories

Accessories can be more important when you’re travelling than they sound; you’ll definitely need your sunglasses, and perhaps a hat, to shield you from the hot rays and soaring temperatures.

If you’re uncomfortable walking around your accommodation in a bikini the whole time, then don’t forget a cover-up or a an oversized tee; these are perfect for walking to get a gelato, and can be tucked into denim shorts.

One pair of flip-flops is enough (yes, really); monotone or neutral hues will be the most versatile. As well as a larger bag to carry your towel and large items; you’ll want a pouch, with a zip, that can carry your Google Pixel and make the most of the Android 9 Pie, your lip balm, cash, and any tickets or room keys, safely and securely.

Oh, and don’t forget a book (or your iPad or Kindle).

Create A Quick Capsule Wardrobe

Before you head straight onto ASOS to stock up on a pile of clothes that you might wear; walk over to your wardrobe and take a look at what you have already.

Light layers are the key to success when it comes to your attire on holiday in a hot country. Most of the time, you’ll want to be wearing as little as possible; however, you’ll need to have something to cover your limbs.

Neutral basics are perfect for mixing and matching with your new printed summer clothes, so pull out a white t-shirt and all of your hot-weather denim items. Packing your basic, everyday items, will allow you to have some fun when you’re picking out a tropical-print skirt (because you’re feeling those holiday vibes).

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Curate Your Basic Cosmetics

Okay, so you need a bag for your makeup, and one for your toiletries; you can totally keep your suitcase weight down.

Your SPF should be a priority, and then you can go from there. Think about the most nourishing skincare you have, and be brave and grab a brighter lip colour.

A fresh face and a bold lip will look great in all those (smug) social media pictures you’ll be uploading.

Now, have you got your passport?

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