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Remote Working: Jobs You Can Do From Home

There’s no time like the present, as they say, and if you’re not up for making a little extra money on the side when you can, what’s wrong with you!?

No pressure, of course we live busy lives and not everyone has the time or patience to get off from work and then do some more work from home when they should have their feet up and something nice to drink.

jobs you can do from home

We’re all different so the fact that there are new opportunities of many kinds to earn a little extra, it bodes well for those that do want to. As you can probably guess, many jobs are now online or rather, done at home.

Remote working has skyrocketed since the turn of the decade, and that gives people of all talents and skills, the chance to potentially forge a new career.

What kind of jobs can you do from home and earn a decent pile of money every week?

Transcribing for doctors

The modern-day doctor is expected to be extremely diligent, well versed in modern conditions, and be proficient in their paperwork.

The first two are no problem, but with more and more patients to see, doctors simply don’t have the time to type up their notes about their patients.

One of the best demanded jobs online is for medical transcribers. The job is simple, you listen to a doctor’s voice recording, which will be their dictation and type up what you hear.

It’s important to have a good ear for accents and be able to understand a basic number of medical slang words.

However, the job literally consists of listening to a doctor’s pre-recorded words that could be saying ‘patient Mrs. Bateman has recurring pain in left hand. Prescription for treatment given is 200 mg doses of Voltaren to be self-administered twice a day, for up to two weeks.’ And you would basically just write that up in the template given to you by the company that hires you.

On the phone

Call centres are moving from commercial buildings to residential homes.

Calling companies are increasingly looking for people to fill their ranks of representatives, sitting at home and working in the same manner as those at the office.

These jobs will be just the same as you can imagine that occur normally, with calling numbers and talking about insurance plans, holiday booking, injury lawyers and switching phone companies etc.

One of the other jobs at home that’s also on the phone is live chat jobs. You’re taking calls that require you to utilise your personality, a pleasant phone manner and be a good conversationalist.

The hours are flexible but being active on the website and being ready to take calls at peak times is going to help you get more work, and therefore more money.

an old style telephone and an iPhone

Remote working is transforming and allowing more roles that previously wouldn’t be entrusted to someone outside a profession, to perform and making decent money from.

Medical transcribing is particularly sought after as doctors feel overloaded with increasing paperwork.

Call centres are offering anybody with enthusiasm and good phone manners to come aboard and work whenever they can to rope in customers for different products and services.

jobs you can do from home

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