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Run An Incredible Blog – On A Budget

If you’re looking for a side hustle that can earn you money doing something fun, and without even needing to leave the house, then blogging could be for you!

Unlike most businesses, getting started with blogging is inexpensive and is something you can do without a whole lot of know-how. With so many articles, videos and advice forums online, it’s completely possible to teach yourself everything you need to know to establish a fantastic blog.

Here are some of the ways you can save yourself money on starting up a blog.

how to run a blog on a budget

Layout and design

There are lots of inexpensive, and even free responsive layouts you can find online and add to your blog in a matter of minutes.

Check out sites like Etsy to see cheap yet beautiful templates created by designers that can work with your Blogger or WordPress blog.

Another option would be to design your own, if you’ve ever taken HTML classes or know your stuff when it comes to coding then you could either make your own template from scratch or alter an existing one.

Blogging websites are fairly user friendly and even with some basic knowledge you can make changes and adjustments to customise a template, especially with some Googling.

a desk with a silver laptop, a quote in a frame, pink flowers in a jar, a gold lamp and some glasses

If you’re a dab hand at Photoshop then you could create your own logo, or again look on Etsy or a freelancing site to have someone make you one which won’t cost much.

It’s worth having a professional looking site, later down the line you will start getting paid opportunities but a poor layout could put advertisers off.

Something that looks smart and professional will likely gain you more interest and more paid work.


It’s easy to think that in order to keep up with other bloggers, you need to invest in a fancy DSLR camera to take incredible photos. While these bigger cameras will give you crisp, clear and beautiful pictures, you can actually take great snaps just from smartphones these days.

As long as you get the lighting and compose the picture right in the first place, you can always use free editing software like Picmonkey to crop, brighten and make tweaks.

somebody wearing pink leggings while holding an iPhone with instagram open

Another way you can get beautiful images for your blog for free is by utilising stock websites. Take Kaboom Pics for example, all of the images are free to use and you don’t even need to give credit.

They’re very realistic lifestyle type shots that look as though you could have taken them yourself, as opposed to standard stock images.

Post ideas

Sometimes, it’s the content itself that requires you to spend money.

a colourful flatlay with legs wearing ripped white jeans, a laptop, quotes, flowers, and iPhone, pretzels, magazines and shoes

If you run a beauty blog for example, you might feel like you need to buy products to review. But why not write about what you already have, or write about tips and advice that won’t require you to buy new things?

The same applies to fashion blogs, instead of feeling like you need to buy lots of new clothes, use what you have or borrow things from friends.

Check out charity shops, or write general styling posts that don’t involve you needing new things.

how to run a blog on a budget

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