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Russell Hobbs 24191 Compact Kettle Review

Do you dream of a kettle that gives you a powerful performance, is the perfect size for making brews and still saves you space in your kitchen? Well now with the Compact Home Glass Kettle, you can have it all. Combining brushed and polished stainless steel with premium glass, this small kettle makes a style statement in any kitchen.

Being proof that all good things come in small packages, the Compact Home Glass Kettle is the perfect size if you’re enjoying a relaxing brew to yourself or even to cater for cuppas with friends. The Compact Home Glass Kettle is an ideal size for those of you with less space, your home away from home or if you’re just looking to keep your kitchen counter clutter-free.

I was recently sent the Russell Hobbs Glass Compact Kettle to review. I was sent this item in return for trying out and reviewing the kettle. This doesn’t affect my opinion on the product in any way. This review also has affiliate links.

If my current kettle broke and I needed to buy a new kettle, this style would definitely be something I’d be on the lookout for. I have been kind of hoping for a while that my current kettle (which is still going strong at 8 years old) would give up on us so we could purchase a new one, so when I was offered this kettle to review I happily accepted. Sorry old kettle.

Before I go into a review, I’ll share some of the details and features of the Russell Hobbs 24191 Compact Kettle.

Russell Hobbs 24191 Compact Kettle Overview

This kettle looks and feels high quality. It’s made of glass but also has brushed polished silver features.

The Russell Hobbs Compact Kettle is perfect for smaller homes. It’s small size takes up little space on worktops but can still hold 0.8L of water (which is up to 3 cups).

As well as taking up little space, it also takes up little energy, as this kettle offers an energy saving of 60%, which also means its cheaper to run than a standard kettle.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Cord Storage – The cord wraps around the inside of the base, keeping your worktops neat and tidy.
  • 360 Degree Base – Equally accessible for left and right handed use.
  • Compact Design – Great for smaller kitchens, but still makes up to 3 cups at a time.
  • 60% energy saving
  • 30% space saving
  • Water window
  • Perfect pour spout
  • Push to open lid
  • Blue illuminating light ring
  • Removable, washable limescale filter
  • Concealed heating element
  • 2400W


  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions: H21.1 x W20.2 x D12.9cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 0.8L

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Russell Hobbs compact kettle blue light

Wow, that’s a whole bunch of features for such a pretty little kettle!

So after giving this Russell Hobbs kettle a few tries, is it any good?

Russell Hobbs 24191 Compact Kettle Review

Personally I think this kettle is beauuutiful! I love that it’s made of glass so you can watch the water boiling, and the blue ring light really adds a modern touch of style.

The size is perfect for our small family of three and takes up very little space on the kitchen worktop.

The kettle is boiled often in our house, so it’s great to know that we’re now saving 60% energy and the pennies in our pockets.

I love how minimalistic the kettle is, everything looks clean and stylish, and the heating element is neatly hidden away.

The cable for the base of the kettle also wraps around under the base to keep cables hidden, adding to the minimalistic feel.

Another nice little feature is the removable limescale filter in the spout. Limescale isn’t something we really suffer with in Scotland, but it’s nice to know the water is getting an added little cleanse before it goes in our cups.

Overall I’m really pleased with my little kettle. It’s everything I’m looking for. Small, better for the environment, cheaper to run, stylish, and it makes a great cup of tea!

Buy the Russell Hobbs 24191 Compact Kettle on Amazon

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