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See The Full Picture During Property Viewings By Asking These Forgotten Questions

When we’re viewing a house, we all have a checklist of priorities.

Some people ask about things like parking and outside space. Others simply look for that ‘cosy vibe’. Either way, we tick off the boxes and ask questions to ensure these needs are met.

But, whatever your priorities, there’s a chance you’re missing a few essential questions from your list. There are some things everyone should consider before committing, yet few people do.

So, instead of focusing on how a house looks, step outside your comfort zone and ask these three essential questions to any estate agent you deal with.

How is the house heated?

Heating is one of those things few estate agents list or inform you of unless you press them. Yet, it’s an issue which can make or break a house.

If there are no downstairs radiators, for instance, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make yourself at home.

Aside from that, the boiler in itself can alter your decision. After all, an old design could lead to much higher bills.

By comparison, a property with good radiators and a modern boiler is sure to be a better option.

You may even want to ask whether the heating is gas, electric, or oil. Gas has long been the cheapest option, so this is the preferable choice.

That said, oil heating does have monetary benefits, though you would need to replace your heating oil storage tank every fifteen years. And, electricity would be preferable for the eco-conscious consumer.

Either way, you should ask upfront to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Though you can change these things on moving, it could cost a lot to do so.

Better to know what you’re getting and make a decision based on that.

How is the neighbourhood?

It’s also worth asking about the neighbourhood. After all, you’re investing in the area, not just the house.

Don’t assume an estate agent wouldn’t know about this. In some cases, your agent may be local to the area themselves. If not, there’s a chance they’ve been selling houses there for a while.

Ask about things like crime rates, community initiatives, and the neighbours.

After all, even your dream house could become a nightmare if the area isn’t right for you.

Are the sellers ready to go?

We’re funny about privacy, aren’t we?

We’re happy to traipse around someone’s house, but we’re always a bit shy when it comes to asking about their position. Yet, this is a subject you need to tackle if an offer is on the cards.

In the same way that a seller will be hesitant to let you buy without selling, you should be wary of people in no rush to move.

In an ideal world, you should only place offers on houses where the vendor has their eye on another property already.

Either way, don’t be afraid to ask about this during a viewing. It lets you know where you stand and ensures you don’t commit to a long chain without realising.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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