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Smart Ideas For Your Home

Is it time to embrace smart technology in your home?

Using your smartphone, it’s now possible to control various home devices remotely. This can have huge benefits, adding convenience and even saving costs in some cases.

Here are just a few smart ideas worth considering for your home.

smart ideas for your home


The most common way of embracing smart technology is to buy a smart TV.

flat screen tv with tall speakers

This allows you to control your TV and record your favourite shows using your phone. Not only this, but in the case of many smart TVs you can watch TV on your phone allowing you to catch up with favourite shows or stream films on the go.

There are a number of smart TVs on the market.

Speakers/voice command

Smart speakers can be controlled using your phone allowing you to play music streamed via your mobile. Many also have the dual function of voice command so you can tell them things to do.

amazon alexa next to houseplant

These speakers can then be linked up to all devices in your home allowing you to control your home via voice command.


It’s also possible to control your home’s heating via smart technology.

This can allow you to turn up the heating in the night without having to manually turn the thermostat. It could even allow you to turn on the heating before you get home.

cat looking out of window next to radiator

On top of giving you remote control, you can view stats on your heating usage on your phone, helping you to become more aware of your energy usage and possibly cut down.


There are many ways in which smart technology is influencing home security.

Smart locks can be fitted to doors and can only be opened using your smartphone – this could be more secure than having standard locks.

white outdoor security camera

There are meanwhile security cameras that use smart technology which you can view on your phone if and when you need to. On top of this, alarms can also be remotely controlled. These could all be great measures for deterring burglars.

Electrical sockets

It’s also possible to control your home’s electrical sockets using smart technology.

By installing smart sockets, you can turn off sockets that may be plugged into appliances but not in use in order to save money on electricity.

Smart sockets can also give you readings on your electricity usage to help you potentially cut down how much you’re using.


light bulb hovering above persons hand

You could also consider installing smart lighting. This is lighting that can be remotely controlled using your phone allowing you to turn off the lights from bed or turn on a light outside without having to go outdoors.

Smart lighting may also similarly give you readings to help you limit how much electricity you’re using through lighting.

smart ideas for your home

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