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Snoreeze Oral Device Review – Does It Work? *

How are things in bed with you and your partner? I don’t mean in that way!

I’m talking about sleep. Are either of you getting enough?

For the year that my partner and I have been living together, most nights have been awful. Read on to see what happened when we tried the Snoreeze Oral Device …

A Typical Night In My Home…

After an hour or so of cuddling up and watching a tv show in bed, the lights go out.

Steven (my fiance) usually snuggles in behind me and cuddles me in so tight that I am pretty much trapped and struggling to breathe, but I let him because it’s sweet and I usually squirm away after 5 minutes anyway.

During those 5 minutes Steven has already fallen asleep (how the hell does he fall asleep so quickly?!) and will sometimes start to jerk his body randomly.

When he does this it gives me such a fright! At this point my heart is racing and the adrenaline is pumping around in me after my scare, so then I’m left wide awake while he’s sound asleep.

It’s usually then that I shake him off and roll away from him and attempt sleep.

Next comes the snoring. It starts as heavy breathing and builds up to a huge snore.

Any drifting off I had started to do has gone down the pan because I then need to try and wake him up to get him to change position.

Our cat, upon hearing voices and hoping we’re awake, rushes to the bedroom door and starts trying to scratch his way in and meows for the next 15 minutes (he’s not getting in because he just wants to leave again 10 minutes later (we don’t keep our bedroom door open because of the draft)).

This cycle can happen 3 times or more throughout the night. I’m usually so tired the next day that I can’t make it through without a nap. But having a nap backfires as I feel less tired come bedtime and therefore extra sensitive to any little noise.

There have been nights when I’ve fallen asleep at 4-5am, and even nights where I’ve had no sleep at all.

Starting To Cause Problems

Steven feels terrible about his snoring. He’s told me to just wake him up and send him to the couch, but I don’t have the heart to do that when he’s up early in the morning for work.

Unfortunately I am grumpy when I’m tired and I end up being awfully snappy towards him.

I was getting no sleep and Steven was getting an earful every morning which began taking its toll on our relationship.

Steven came home from work one day and told me about a mouth piece for snoring he’d heard about on one of his podcasts. Apparently it had brilliant feedback and he was totally keen on buying one until we looked online and discovered it cost over £100!

I’m not paying that much money on literally just a small piece of plastic, especially around Christmas when money is tight.

Is There Hope?

Snoreeze came to the rescue and offered me a Snoreeze Snoring Relief Oral Device to try out with my partner.*

The Snoreeze Oral Device is much more affordable, priced at £29.99 available on the Snoreeze website.

It claims to treat sleep apnea and target the main source of snoring by repositioning the lower jaw forward to clear the upper airway.

They also state on their website

There is no guaranteed ‘cure’ for snoring. However, Snoreeze Oral Device can relieve the symptoms of snoring to help provide a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your partner.

I’m going to try Steven out with the Snoreeze Oral Device for 7 days and record the results.

I hope so much that this works!

Snoreeze Oral Device – Night 1

Steven followed the instructions to get the Snoreeze Oral Device moulded to his mouth. He said it was all fairly simple and painless.

Around 11:30pm Steven fell asleep without his oral device but he wasn’t snoring at that point. I woke him up to turn off the lamp and he also popped in the oral device.

At around 8:30 when we woke up I saw Steven wasn’t wearing the oral device. He said at around 4am he woke up with jaw ache so he took it out, he said apparently it’s normal for the first few nights to be uncomfortable while you get the adjustment in a preferred position.

Even still.. we had a snore free night!

Snoreeze Oral Device – Night 2

Last night was basically the same as the previous night. Steven put in his Snoreeze Oral Device as we were going to sleep (he adjusted it by a half turn this time) and we went to sleep.

Bear (my puppy) was lying between us so I had him trying to absorb into my back, but I still managed to fall asleep ok.

When we woke up around 6:45am, Steven never had the oral device in his mouth again! He told me it was uncomfortable and will need to put it to another half turn.

Still no snoring though!

Snoreeze Oral Device – Night 3

Right, Stevens doing my head in, he never even bothered wearing the oral device last night.

He fell asleep quite early and when I tried to wake him to turn the lamp off he looked at me like I’d just slapped his mother.

We rolled over and went to sleep but I was on alert to tell him to put it in if he started snoring though. Surprisingly, the only snorer in the room was Kaya, my older dog.

3 out of 3 nights of no snoring from Steven though, bliss!

Snoreeze Oral Device – Night 4

Steven wore the oral device last night. All was great, a sound sleep with no snoring.. until about 3am.

I nudged Steven and said the usual “honey, you’re snoring” and we discovered the oral device had fallen out of his mouth and was lying on the mattress between us.. eww.

He put it on the bedside table, but we didn’t encounter anymore snoring that night.

Snoreeze Oral Device – Night 5

This time when we woke up it was on the floor.

I was annoyed now. Is he taking it out in his sleep?

How am I supposed to review this if it’s never in his mouth?!

Snoreeze Oral Device – Night 6

I have answers!

I have witnessed with my own eyes the oral device falling out of Steven’s mouth.

He was lying on his back, his mouth open slightly, he had barely been asleep for 20 minutes then there it was, deposited onto his chest.

So this isn’t good. Hopefully another adjustment will help, I’d love to leave this review on a positive note.

Snoreeze Oral Device – Night 7

Yep, it fell out again.

I don’t know what the issue is as to why it keeps falling out, we followed the instructions exactly, and Steven has a pretty average sized mouth.

The Snoreeze Oral Device Overall

Unfortunately this didn’t work for us, we couldn’t get the Snoreeze Oral Device to stay in Steven’s mouth for one full night to be able to comment on whether it helped with his snoring.

Luckily Snoreeze also provide lozenges, nose strips and throat spray that all claim to help with snoring, so we will certainly be giving some of these a try!

Does anyone else put up with a snorer? What works for you? I’d love to hear!

Best wishes,

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. This post may be sponsored or I may have received the product for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% mine, I would never recommend a product or company that I don’t love.

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