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Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship can be a real challenge. However, for some couples it can make a relationship stronger (as the saying goes, ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’).

Here’s how you can keep your relationship thriving when you’re both miles apart.

Communicate regularly

If you’re not talking to each other regularly and filling each other in on one another’s lives, you’ll soon drift apart. You should try to communicate daily if possible, even if it’s just for a couple minutes. This could be via the phone or video-messaging or simply messaging each other on Facebook.

In order to work around each other’s schedules, try to plan a time each day when you can talk. Try to keep the communication between you two unless it’s someone you both know well – you don’t want the intimacy to be ruined because somebody else keeps butting in.

If one of you isn’t able to chat at your scheduled time one day, tell the other person in advance so that they’re not just waiting and wondering what’s going on. All of this will build trust.

Visit whenever you can

When possible, you should also try to visit each other in person to establish that important physical connection. This may not be so easy if you’re both on opposite sides of the world, however if you’re only a few miles apart it should be easy to see each other every weekend.

Tell your partner when you plan to travel rather than making a surprise visit – whilst the latter sounds romantic, it’s better to let the other person free up their schedule so that you can both spend valuable time together in person.

Keep the romance alive

Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean you can’t keep the romance alive.

You may be able to send each other surprise gifts – there are companies that can do flower delivery and others that can deliver chocolates and champagne.

You can also send romantic texts at surprise times. Doing this will keep the spark alive.

Do activities together

You also shouldn’t let distance stop you from doing activities together.

You can both play games together online or video-message each other whilst watching the same TV programme live.

You can even cook the same meal whilst video messaging one another and compare the results.

Expect difficulties

After a long time of not seeing each other in person, some negative feelings may start to naturally arise.

If one of you has travelled away and the other has remained at home, the partner stuck at home may start to grow resentful of the person ‘leaving them’ behind or even jealous of their adventures. It’s important to talk out these feelings and comfort each other in these situations.

Communication should never start to feel like it’s a chore – if it does, it’s clear that you need to make your communication with one another more exciting (this could be a good time to try doing activities together).

All in all, be prepared for problems, but always discuss solutions to these problems the moment you notice them.

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