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Tackling The Back-To-Work Stress Together

back to school stress

In most areas in the UK, a lot of children and their parents have already started to count the days until the school opens its door again.

At the same time, many adults – with or without children — are also looking sadly through the window: their holiday is over, and it’s time to go back to work.

Needless to say, the back-to-work feeling can lack excitement and happiness. For many, going back to the office after the summer vacation marks the beginning of seasonal mood issues – also known as the SAD syndrome.

Ah, stress and rainy days, for that‘s what awaits you, are already showing their ugly faces in your otherwise peaceful home.

But you can prepare yourself and your family to better approach the official end of the holiday.

how to tackle back to work stress

The holiday doesn’t last forever

If you remember the excitement you felt when you packed your bag for the holiday – ensuring you’ve got the perfect capsule wardrobe for your trip –, it can be difficult to get back to reality.

work stress

When the excitement of the vacation is over, you begin to feel a familiar knot appear in your stomach. It’s called stress, and it’s there to ruin your days!

However, it’s important to understand that the anxiety you feel is not always linked to the back-to-work situation – unless your workplace is unpleasantly hectic.

More often than not, people are stressed out because they have nothing to look forward to until Christmas.

Help your family handle abandon anxiety

If you have a pet or a young child who isn’t in age to go to school, they’re likely to experience abandon anxiety when you go back to your everyday routine after the holiday.

For both, it’s essential to prepare for the separation, by leaving them ‘alone’ for a couple of hours a few days before you need to go back to the office.

For a young child, it’s about finding a nanny for a few hours or leaving them to your relatives for the afternoon.

separation anxiety stress

As for your dog, you can go to town to meet friends and leave it at home, for instance. You can also use calming treats such as CBD treats which provide anxiety relief, to help your pet to handle your absence.

Do make sure to have a reward system for both young children and animals at the end of the day, from a sweet treat to a game.

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Reward yourself without overindulging

Waving goodbye to the summer break will also affect your mood.

If you don’t have any holiday planned before the Christmas break, you will need to create a coping strategy through effective rewarding. In other words, you need to find a reason to be excited to get up in the morning.

de stress with coffee

Be careful not to overindulge; sugary and fatty treats can’t be used as motivation throughout the day, for instance. But you can invest in a quality coffee machine to start the day with a perfect cup of your favourite brew, for example. A pair of cute shoes can also make work days less dull!

When the summer is over, it’s important to stay focused and recognise that you and your family are more likely to feel stressed.

You need to help young children and pets to handle the change of situation, and to keep yourself excited throughout the day.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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